“what!Hit her!” Liu Rushi suddenly panicked,She is too involved……Knowing that Liu Xiaoyun not only died later,,Also continue various“pack”Oneself,But I still can’t help being scared for her。 “Yep,The shot rubbed her heart and hit it,But still fatal,Later when I was rescued in the hospital,The doctor said that the moment Liu Xiaoyun was shot。Should have been sacrificed。” Continue Reading

Qin Liang can’t hold back,He looked around,Still no one,So he turned his face to look at Yang Shiyun…… “What do you wanna do?” Yang Shiyun saw that Qin Liang had something to say,But he didn’t speak,So I asked actively。 “I want to kiss you……” Qin Liang spoke。 “……” Yang Shiyun couldn’t answer this sentence。 But Continue Reading

“Villain!cut。” Shen Ruoxi also wandered out smoothly! “Wakayu,How to talk?Did you say that about your husband??I think Qin Liang is very good,As the only man in this family,You girls’ bosses again,He is not only unassuming in front of you,Fan’er is still tolerant,To accommodate you,This is already very rare。” Daochang Bai frowned and said that Shen Continue Reading

“Who is your boss?” Luna asked curiously。 “Oh,My boss is Sister Yun。” Bai Tao immediately answered proudly,So Liu Xiaoyun is embarrassed…… “Oh,You are from Xiaoyun。” Luna nodded and said suddenly,Then he smiled and looked at Liu Xiaoyun,Smiles in his eyes。Liu Xiaoyun responded with a sweet smile,Although he didn’t speak,But it’s already considered Bai Tao’s words。 Continue Reading

Chen Hao looked at Murong Shan in disbelief and said。 “That’s not sure,In case?Right?” Murongshan replied confidently。 “Big sister!You are almost!I admire you so much!” Yang Shiyun replied dubiously。 “Just admire me,If you don’t admire me,Why should I be your eldest sister??” Murong Shan replied plausibly。 “……” Yang Shiyun,Chen Hao and Song Min smiled bitterly Continue Reading

He turned to look at the man pushing Li Qingqing’s back,Want to catch up,But lacking courage——He now remembered the way the man looked at him,I felt cold all over my body。 He can only stand still,I watched Li Qingqing and her father disappear at the end of the corridor。 Then another person walked out of Continue Reading

Ding Yi listened for a while,Said:“Is a panpipe?” “Yes。” “No wonder,Only panpipes,To make the song so far away、Vicissitudes and sadness,Like a whimper,Like a dreamy voice。” He Pengfei said:“Correct,You feel great,It is the panpipe,Created the mystery of this movie、Dreamy colors。” “what movie?” “The theme song of the American past,Have you seen this movie?” “No,Just heard。” “This Continue Reading

Director Lang hurriedly introduced:“This is Mr. Du,This is Ding Yi。” Du Chunyu gently shook Ding Yi’s hand,Said:“understanding,I saw it during the awards。Old man,Take a cold look,Xiaoding really looks like Zhijun。” Director Lang said:“indeed so,The image and temperament are very close。” Ding Yi knew they were talking about Teacher Lin Zhijun,I said embarrassedly:“How can I compare Continue Reading

Qin Liang’s look at Shen Ruoxi is really very different from usual,The pretty little face seems to have lost even a little blood,He stopped making trouble immediately。 “I have a stomach ache……” Shen Ruoxi said embarrassingly。 “stomachache?Did you have diarrhea??” Qin Liang was smart when he shouldn’t be smart,When this should be smart,He’s not smart Continue Reading

“Nowhere……I’m not so stingy!Moreover,My landscape,He’s already tired of watching,So he doesn’t watch,I can be alone。” Shen Ruoxi’s playful answer。 “Nonsense!Your view,I won’t be bored in my life?” Qin Liang immediately began to show his loyalty! “stop!All kinds of fancy shows of affection in public are prohibited!Sprinkle dog food!” Murong Shan immediately pretended to interrupt the Continue Reading