Broken off! Opportunity for a second attack! Tucker passed directly to Xu Xuan,Under the furious eyes of the old man,Xu Xuan pulls up again is a picturesque back jumper—— Two points long—— With! 9ratio3! Counterattack! Counterattack! James roared,At the same time, he caught Mozgov’s serve from the bottom line,The whirlwind usually hit the frontcourt,Just stopped,Regardless Continue Reading

Without Liu Ou’s help,Lin Dong can’t be busy alone,Not professional。 Especially when the final film and music are combined,Which is the post-production of the film,You need Liu Ou to follow all day long。 He has time spent there every day,Even if he goes by himself,Professional matters,He doesn’t understand,But delay things,Maybe it makes people laugh。 Subsequently,Tea Continue Reading

Otherwise, I won’t make money by doing art under the overpass。 I can only admire Lin Dong’s calmness,Actually come all the way,She is watching Lin Dong,Faced with a beautiful woman like her,This guy didn’t panic。 Sitting in a luxury car,Still indifferent,Seems to be wandering away,Inconsistent with the reaction of the soil buns。 Now it’s such Continue Reading

———— 005 Proud daughter!Check-in task open? “It’s some coarse tea and light rice,Mr. Landlord, you are welcome!” Until the food is served,Kogoro Mouri finally stopped his bragging。 obviously,He still has some ideas,But the daughter’s eyes next to him are a little bad,So he didn’t dare to continue。 “Very hearty cuisine,I’m welcome。” Warm hospitality for Kogoro Continue Reading

“yesterday?” Xu Xuan nodded,Take a look at Kobe:“Is it fast?,Any attempt?” “This is asking.”Kobe laughed and went over:“you know,you know。” I know a fart! But Xu Xuan waved his hand and rejected the invitation。 Again,The draft does his shit,He is not a Lakers player now。 “Jenny is still very bold,Maybe you don’t know,She originally planned Continue Reading

Xu Sheng knows Hu Liena’s feelings for herself,but,His inner feelings for Hu Liena have not yet reached that point…… right now,It’s just more like a close teammate。 Yan akimbo,Sour sideways“Hello,Xu Sheng,During the three years of cultivating together, we don’t even know your spirit power level,Going to leave,Are you still planning to hide it??” Three years Continue Reading

“fart!As long as the prescription is properly matched,Can treat various diseases of viscera,And the effect is immediate!”Wan Shi scolded angrily,“Our ancestors didn’t know how many lives were saved with this recipe!” “Not bad,This prescription has miraculous effects on various diseases of the viscera,But at the same time it also has very serious side effects,It cures Continue Reading

Qiao Yiyi is in high spirits,It seems to have the strength to make things happen。But when Mo Xiaosheng just helped her absorb the clear and bright medicine,There was a layer of greasy stuff all over her,Looks dirty,With some stench。 “You go to sleep,I go take a bath。”Finished,Qiao Yiyi simply cleaned up,I quickly entered the bathroom。She Continue Reading

The evil soul master who was pinched around his neck only felt the suffocation constantly pouring into his head,Hard way“Do not……Do not,tell……” Didn’t wait for him to finish,Qianyu squeezed expressionlessly,crisp“Click”Rang…… A casual glance at the evil soul master who rolled his eyes in his hand,Threw it aside like trash…… immediately,The black pupils that are as Continue Reading

The enemy is scared to pee. “ Soul Ring.” Louise’s face is pale,The strength of the spirit ring represents the quality of the spirit master。 Now the other party’s two thousand-year spirit rings,Don’t say it’s a spirit master of the same level,Even if it is one level higher, it may not be an opponent.? “Hehe~” Continue Reading