“Sister Chen,You are now a dragon soul warrior,Can’t you admit everything?。” Yang Shiyun also said naughty。 “I just recharged,I can’t even hold a gun,What a dragon soul warrior I am,Don’t tease me。” Chen Hao said awkwardly。 “You can take it a few more times,We all came from this step。” Yang Shiyun immediately comforted Chen Hao。 Continue Reading

When Wang Guangwei drove his car and was blocked at the south gate of the training base, he could not move,He realized that the peaceful life he imagined was long gone forever。 How can the years be quiet,Just because they haven’t come back yet。 “Ah ah ah!Qing Huan Qing Huan!I am here!Look at me!I love Continue Reading

“Ok,Chang Yi understands。” There are fifteen minutes to leave the meeting,Peng Changyi called Wu Youfu’s office again,Wu Youfu took it,Peng Changyi said:“You arrived,I’ll go right away。”Talking,Pick up the notebook and water glass,Go out,Xiao Pang came out when he heard the door opening,Peng Changyi said:“Let’s go。 . ———— First62chapter Superfluous people [First5Chapter Four Volume Four] First62Section62Chapter redundant Continue Reading

“Why they haven’t moved?” The other side,Shen Ruoxi started to worry again,She asked the swallow anxiously,Worry for sure,Husband and two sisters are in the cave,If something happens to this,It won’t be exhausted by a net! “I do not know。” Swallow’s tangled answer。 “It’s been a long time since I went in here,Nothing happened at all,Ugh,I’m Continue Reading

Even though this second thing is also dark,But it’s easy to think of what it is from the shape,Because the first thing has been guessed。 “lighter!” really,Several Shen sisters called out in unison! “Ha ha……” Qin Liang smiled,Because he did it on purpose,Before taking the second thing,He already guessed what that thing was,Since there is Continue Reading

Early in the morning,Shen Fang left for work,The head of the office is wrong,She also lost her former scenery,There is no car to pick you up。Peng Changyi sees her in a trance,Red and swollen eyes,Also a little distressed,After all, they have been married for more than ten years,something,Already in the blood,It’s not that you can Continue Reading

Fan Weidong looked at him,Said:“Didn’t the municipal party committee inform you??” Wen Qingxuan doesn’t like the tone of his speech,Just said:“Notified,I’ll go home for a bowl of porridge and come back,Stomach trouble in recent days,Can’t eat greasy things。” Fan Weidong looked at his face,Said:“Ok,Your face is not so good,take care of your body,Some heart,Some minds Continue Reading

Maybe it’s a professional driver,Old Gu is not as angry as him,But calmly said:“and so,Still make sure we don’t make mistakes ourselves,such,We can’t find his fault,We can’t commit him to death。” Peng Changyi was taken aback,I feel that Old Gu made a lot of sense,He thinks of Wang Jiadong’s conversation with him last night,Especially about Continue Reading

“cut,This young master is so handsome……” Ling Mofeng is not convinced again。 “Ugh……Two super narcissistic people came together,It’s a breaking rhythm!” Yang Zhi said politely。 “We always call Ling Mofeng Ling Shao,Shouldn’t call you boss anymore,I should also call you Qin Shao?” Qiangzi said with a smirk again。 “Yep,Not to mention……I really like the name Continue Reading

“Is there a baby my age……” Yang Shiyun was blushing。 “Regardless of the unmarried girl under 30,All babies。” Chen explained with a smile。 “So all five of us are babies。” Murongshan immediately added,She really wants to be a baby,After all, her age is the oldest among the five sisters,And also the only one with children,She Continue Reading