———— Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Four The man of miracle “The pace is too fast!These two teams,Or that Kobe and Michael’s offensive and defensive rhythm is too fast!” “Dazzled!Kobe just made a mistake,Responsively complete steals!” “One to one!Face Michael Jordan!Incredible steals,Incredible fighting spirit!” “How can anyone react to the mistake the first time,Retracement complete Continue Reading

Seventh Spirit Ability,Huanglong Real Body! In an instant,His whole body began to be covered tightly by countless purple dragon scales…… But he hasn’t waited for him to become fully real,Qianyu appeared in front of him instantly,Directly pinched his neck…… Spit out a cold word“broken!” Only heard a sound similar to broken glass,The purple dragon scales Continue Reading

Gan Yifan has actually guessed that the two people who wanted to drive the black bear last week are the same as Zhang Daming,They are all members of the action team who accompanied Rudao to Ganjiazhuang,I just asked to confirm my judgment。 Don’t be embarrassed by Chen Yubo,He found Zhu Yong,Tell him bluntly that Zhang Continue Reading

“can。”Hardaway gave an affirmative answer。 “why?” “Because there is fire in his eyes。” Barkley holding the ball,There is no arrogance in my eyes。 at this time,Must succeed!Must defeat the Lakers’ defensive arrangement like the last game! As long as it defeats this arrangement of Harris,The morale of the Lakers is bound to take a very Continue Reading

Zhang Yan has never taken it,Sit on the chair and continue to eat sunflower seeds,Cocked Erlang Legs。 “Not just a bodyguard?No one can afford to hire the same。” At this time, Chang Feng arched her awkwardly,Let her stop talking。 What a shame! Zhang Yan saw that her husband stopped talking to herself,Even more angry,This unbelievable Continue Reading

Wuhun:Blue Silver Emperor Spirit ring:yellow、yellow、purple、purple、black Character experience:One hundred thousand year old soul beast Blue Silver Emperor transformed into a human,Tang Hao wandering the mainland at maturity、Tang Xiao meets……After his identity was exposed, he was chased and killed by Pope Chihiro at the time.,Sacrifice himself to Tang Hao,Turned into Tang Hao’s Ninth Spirit Ring,Left a seed Continue Reading

“Mo Xiaosheng,I know you are fast,But no matter how fast you,I can kill them both before you do it,Believe it or not?The dignified grandmother of the Li family buried me,I’m content too,Hehe!” Xuan Qingzi said, leaning her nose and sniffing Guan Xiaozhen’s neck,Intoxicated。 Although Guan Xiaozhen is already old,,But she looked beautiful when she was Continue Reading

People are not stupid。 Shanhaiwang spent2Billion dollars,Why do you want her Wang Zhen to use his face to ask Shen Huan?? This is too embarrassing。 On the one hand to embarrass Wang Zhen,On the other hand, Shen Huan is even more embarrassed。 Wang Zhen has no obligations at all,To make such an extra contribution to Continue Reading

Brother Liang wants his image to be positive,So I still hope not to let the tainted person be his partner。 If Wang Sha can’t handle it well,Maybe she will have to delete the scene later。This way,People with her opponents will definitely be affected。 ———— Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six War between actresses Brother Liang Continue Reading

Let Lin Yu hear it,I know how good I am。 People around,I didn’t expect this guy to know Xiang’s people。 After all, Xiangjia’s financial resources are in Ganghwa City,Old man up to eighty,Children who go down to school know。 “It seems this time,This kid fell to the board。” “Ha ha!!More than falling to the board,I Continue Reading