“Master Lu quickly invite our friends!”Zhao Ping shouted,He was chatting with Guo Yinzhe on the side,I heard Feng Xichuan explain“L-Y-1-1”The spelling of, sent out a friend invitation……
Lu Yi agreed to friend applications one by one,I http://www.zzchenyang.cn met a few people in the lobby of the game。There is almost no difference between their appearance and their own,Basically become more beautiful,Tall and tall,It seems to have adjusted the appearance value and body proportion。
Although only10%Adjust within,But Lu Yi thought,If there is200%This option,These teammates will also be rude!
Lu Yi felt someone pat his shoulder behind him,After turning around, I saw an elegant long golden hair,Wearing a green camouflage skirt,Bumpy、The heroic Anna Cao……
“What is it?,Everyone is waiting for you to arrange today’s first test training!”
Lu Yi held back the nosebleed,He did not expect Anna Cao in the game to be more unrestrained than in reality、Got angry……
“amount……I think everyone just entered the game,Must be very fresh,No training mission today,Just get familiar with the operation and game http://www.szkssk.cn experience quickly……correct,I am a demon race,What is your occupation and race?”Lu Yi asked。
“Cool!It’s a devil?I am human,Recommend me to play as a driver……”Zhang Song envied。
“I am also human,Recommend me to play scout or medic,But I chose an old professional mechanic!”Guo Yinzhe replied。
“Luckily you didn’t choose a scout,Also recommended me scout,I agreed,But I am an elf……”Shunzi said to Guo Yinzhe。
“My race http://www.jintianquwanr.cn is angel,Recommended me the medical soldier……correct,President how are you?”Zhao Pingwenxiang Feng Xichuan。
“I studied for a while,What race is vampire?Are you sure I’m playing a gunfight game???”Feng Xichuan is very confused。
“It seems that vampire’s natural ability is transcendent——HPAdditional recovery effect20%,And add extra movement speed at night20%……”Shunzi explained。
Lu Yi secretly admires Shunzi’s memory,It seems that it makes sense for the system to recommend him as a scout……
“Can’t rush to suck human blood,Negative Ratings!Fortunately, my career broke up suddenly!”Feng Xichuan added。