Standing next to the road,Hand into the pocket to keep warm,Chen Linzhi accidentally saw the glove packaging in the window,Write“o”Word,Read the excitement:
“This is like the product launched by our company.,This year, there are more than 2 million pairs of gloves this winter.,A pair of gloves like this can earn about 30 cents,Rely on quantity profit。
Huaxia’s factory is so much,Produced goods take out export,The goods in the Mainland have decreased,Mainly still consumption,There are too few factories,The people there are buy a pair of ordinary shoes,Maybe it will take over half a month salary,If you are interested in your father,You can let him visit the market in Huaxia,Now the preferential support for foreign companies is very strong.,Wal-Mart also,Maybe you will thank you for your supervisor.。”
“incredible,Since you lack goods,Why do you have to sell in the international market??Don’t you first meet your needs??”
“Because it is difficult to overcome,Earn foreign exchange opportunities too little,With foreign exchange, you can buy more advanced machines from other countries.,Learn more advanced production technology,This can increase productivity,Made more products。”
Chen Linzhi,His eyes are long enough,This is what I want to work with Anna Tasia.,Let Wal-Mart increased in Huaxia’s procurement,Grab the Southeast Asia、Market share in Central America and South America。
NS455chapter Bonz Island
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Solida·Ipez chooses to move,Chen Linzhi always feels less。
If not she left,He is very likely that you will rush back to San Francisco before the New Year.,Because the first two people are together,Matia mentioned“Special New Year”gift。
If the understanding of Chen Linzhi is correct,It should refer to some fresh patterns,Find a girlfriend,God。
And now she seems to come back again.,This makes Chen Linzhi feel good.,In the morning, the cold wind has been running in the north.,Ready to buy a breakfast take home。
Missing the big meat bag near Yin Yujia,Sorry playing a car,Drop casting Tang people,Direct to buy buns directly、Sweet soy milk that has added sugar。
Several acquaintances,In an accurate“before”The acquaintance of Chen Linzhi knows,He hired some Chinatown compatriots under his hand.,Business is big, have already passed out.。
Buns, buns, Song,Fifty years old age,Short thin,Hands in the hands of the old man,From the age of teenage with parents,Decades are still selling buns for decades,Have a small shop,It seems that the days can see the head in a glance.。
When Chen Linzhi, the old cooked people greeted,Song boss wipes a apron,Send a tea egg,Laughing on the face:“I have listened to Yinjia Xiaoxiao to mention it.,Say that her son is now doing things with you.,Make a lot of money every month。I am a little impression on you.,Last year, this time,I often come to me to have breakfast in my shop.,Someone followed by breakfast now.,It seems that it is really mixed.。”
I have seen a few times.,The relationship is also,Chen Linzhi smiled and passed:“It’s still ahead.,Move to other places,Usually rarely come over,I want to eat your house today.,Special running,It is very delicious.。”
“Hundred years of formula,I still have a meal in Beller in the ancestors in the family.,Can sell seven or eight hundred buns every morning,Both is the old man。”
Song boss finished,Finally talk about it,Be embarrassed:“My son, he.,Before you have done well in a company,The boss is going down.,Already in the home for more than two months,Just bought house,Remind your mortgage every month。I am thinking.,Small boss, your company is still missing,Give you the tea pouring water to drive,I can’t find a job.,Never something。”
Job opportunity is actually,The main reason for can’t find a job,Nothing is the low hands,Or I can’t eat it again,Really because of bad luck and long-term people,But only a few。
Everyone wants to have a relaxed and high-paying work.,Best boss、Be close to home,Don’t work overtime,Can you have so many US things?。
Chen Linzhi is actually thinking about rejection.,After all, shop with buns is not familiar with the boss.,Non-affordable。
However, if you have been swallowed back by him.,Mainly, the husband and wife of Song boss are people and good,At first glance, it is a kind of man who is honest and hardworking.,For your son’s future, you,Directly refused to see too little。
Plus, today’s mood is very good.,So Chen Linzhi left and right,Sound sentence:“End tea is poured without,Company is not my company,No way now gives you accurate reply。Otherwise it’s like this,Let your son go to our company interview,Just find the right position,That’s first.。”
The buns of the buns, Song boss, listened to the excitement.,Double sound, thank you。
Let your wife on the floor on the spot.,Bring your son down,Business can’t take care of it.。
Chen Linzhi let him don’t worry,Find a paper stroke written down the joint trading company address and contact information,Say it is waiting for a few days to arrange time interviews。
Company staff architecture needs to be adjusted,The order of the lyrocket is also waiting for processing,Temporary can’t take this little thing。
When the boss is famous,It is inevitable that someone seeks to the head,Chen Linzhi really likes to take the back door,But there is no way to completely ban,In this kind of job, no matter whether Chinese or white people are,Roger also took two relatives who came out.,Finally, I went to the sales department.。
This is reminded Chen Linzhi.,It’s time to go to the company., For example, the procurement director Xu Wei mentioned three hundred sixty-one liters of capacity refrigerator,Or is itoBrand expansion progress, etc.,His big boss is unclear。
And private equity fund companies,Business suspension,A group of people,Chen Linzhi intends to turn some money,Try to explore investment futures,Not just relying on memory。
Leave from Chinatown,It’s hard to catch the company.,I saw the company closing to remember that today is Saturday.。