Kang Hui’s essay set “Average Score” was launched: I like to do this “net red”
On November 30, CCTV anchor Kang Hui’s reminiscence essay “Average Score” antique premiere, this is the first time Kang Hui wrote a book, is a review of his first half of his life, and a media person from “unsuitable” to “national”Face” counterattack notes.从“主播说联播“再到“主持人大赛”的犀利点评,不少媒体报道“康辉成网红”,今日康辉对此表示,“我真的没想到,有一天,我自己能成‘网红’,但这样的‘网红’我喜欢去做,也希望把它做好.Kang Hui is introducing his new book.Photography / Sauna, Night Net Guo Yanbing’s “Average Score”, Kang Hui wrote the twists and turns of the college entrance examination, the experience of cat slaves, the love and pain of CCTV work, the delicate emotions with parents and wife, the test and progress of life and career, “middle age crisis”.Speaking of the meaning of the title “average score”, Kang Hui explained: “When it comes to talent, I am the one that can’t be more ordinary.In the field of life, in the professional field, if you do n’t want to be unwilling, you can only try to try every option. You can pass each option. If you work hard on the pass, you may be able to rise to a higher level.。One by one, you can get yourself a higher average score.”Kang Hui.Photography / Sauna, Ye Wang Guo Yanbing Kang Hui recently witted in the “Host Contest”, professional and heart-warming comments attracted the attention of the audience.The “Anchor Said Hookup” column reminded Cathay Pacific that “no zuo no die (不 作 不死)” and other paragraphs also caused him to cause heated discussions among netizens.Recognized by the well-known audience, such as “Bao Shen”, he responded: “I am not a” Bao Shen “, and I have never seen any god.The work of infinitely approaching perfection can only be achieved through careful and careful accumulation every time.”Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei Editor Wu Longzhen