49 + 16 + 10 Wei Shao Shao 3 consecutive doubles Zhan Huang 30 years, the second person sees how many spindles are broken
Apart from injuries, what can stop Russell Westbrook’s footsteps?The current answer is no.After being crushed by his teammates for a truce, Wei Shao continued his madness.After a monthly average of 30 + 10 + 9, Da Xibu staged a bloody craziness.Daxibu received magical powers, we can’t stand the absence of Durant, and the Pelican came back to the thick eyebrows and came back. The Thunder grabbed the eighth to the most terrible period, and it was also the period when Wei Shao needed to set an example.Daxibu did not disappoint anyone, only a truce on the face (against the Lakers with the grip), this reinforced iron bone appeared in today’s home game against the 76ers.At this time, if you encounter such a fish belly, it is still the home field. If you can’t win, then you will have nothing to lose.  In a game that cannot be tolerated, Wei Shao returns on the line of fire. It is still the omnipotent Super Saiyan. The game against the 76ers is much harder than expected. The opponent who has already been determined to fight is already bloody in the Russian city.Struggling all the way dragged the Thunder into overtime.The old gun Richardson’s 29 points were surprised, the Rockets abandoned Kannan is a career masterpiece with 31 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists.Fortunately, Wei Shao, the omnipotent fighter, with a career high of 49 points, plus 16 rebounds, 10 assists and 3 steals, rejected this unpopular occurrence.  This is Wei Shao’s fourth consecutive triple-double, surpassing LeBron James (three consecutive games) and becoming the person with the most consecutive consecutive triple-doubles.It was also the first player to win a triple-double in 4 consecutive games after Michael Jordan (7 consecutive games) in 1989.The data specific to this game is even more terrifying. The data shows that in the past 30 years, only two people have achieved a single game of 45+ rebounds 15+ assists 10+. One is Vince Carter (46) on April 18, 2007.Points 16 rebounds and 10 assists), another is today’s Wei Shao.  This kind of continuous crazy performance like Superman makes people really kneel. It is difficult to imagine a point guard who has suffered many injuries and can tell this kind of continuous volcanic eruption.This performance has conquered many of the players in the league. Wade, who is the home of the Heat and was also a god data star, exclaimed: My God, he took 49 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists.  This shows how powerful Wei Shao’s impact is.Even if it is such a data burst day, there are 25 rebounds with white edges in the front and 39 + 13 + 8 + 3 with thick eyebrows in the back, but Wei Shao has been crazy like this for more than 1 month. The triple doubles in 4 consecutive games are the most.The most brutal one.(New body)