Old 乞丐 Some exhausted hands,“I always feel that there is still no surface that is so simple.,You are careful.。
After the end,I don’t give the summer open opportunity,Fast flashing,Disappeared http://www.guodalang.cn in the night。
Looking at his back,Summer caught in summer。
Also accompany a deep helplessness and http://www.yiyangfangchanwang.cn exhaustion。
As well as……Unable。
Even if he is now promoted to the holy,But there is still no qualification for players。
Maybe he is qualified。
Just some people do not allow him to become a chess。
And others don’t dare to make him a player.。
There are too many things on him.。
Can only make both sides……Or a few parties,Form a strange balance。
An unknown mountain range。
One of the mountains in the mountains,Dwarf mountains from the top of the mountain,Mountain surface,Ancient temple。
A large ancient architecture,Full of the vicissitudes of the years。
Far away,Magnificent。
This is the headquarters of the Guardian Alliance。
Since there is a Polygonical family,Hundred years,Here is the uncomfortable headquarters that symbolizes the guardian alliance.。
But at http://www.art0392.cn this moment,This place is a tide,Shouting。
Anger,Screaming,Shine everywhere。
He has happened here.。
If it is what people see,Creating a shock。
In this Chinese,There is still other forces dare to attack the headquarters of the Guardian Alliance.。
However, this is the fact。
At this moment。
A palace square in a cliff,The fierce is still there.。
Richness,Blood is completely dyed in this flat ground,Blood mist in the mountain。
Residual forgings are everywhere,It is exactly a terrible sight of the Robet.。
The two party camps are still fierce。