“no problem,but”
冴 冴 獠,The color is very high-spirited to the wild skirt:“Remuneration,I have promised to me every time.,The result has been creditular to the present,I won’t be in this time.!by cash,Take the previous account,Don’t give good people!”
“I am no problem.,There is no problem now.,but you”
Wild, scorpion, smirk,In the sight,After 冴 冴, it is a murderous village in the face.。
“Scorpion,I just said anything http://www.maxotv.cn casually.,I didn’t expect you to be true.。to be honest,I am disappointed,I thought you were a good girl.。”
What is it aware of?,冴 冴 獠 face,I saw it everywhere.:“Where is Ajie?,After I shoot,Others are gone。”
Lacquer,Don’t see the traces of lovers。
Madon slaves put down pistols and bomb remote controls,Take off suit jacket,Take out the human skin mask from the tool box,Ready to change your face。
When can money earn?,It’s just that you can’t be caught.,As long as you return to the native land,Who can’t hear him?。
As for the truth, it is seen by the hostage.,Captured terrorist confession,Do not make jokes,Tang Dynasty’s Millennium Special Forces,Can with terrorists,Can be robbed?
It certainly can’t,So, one is contaminated。
“Hey,Raise your hand,Put the head to the ground。”
Heard the sound behind,McDonalian slave breathes,Looking at the Polata nearly within hand93R,There is no way to move,Slowly turn over the body of Liao Jie。
See the posture of Liao Jie’s gun is very casual,Obviously there is no regular training,His heart is determined,This still saves。
“Let you be on,But I haven’t let you turn over。”
“I will wait for the same harmony.,I still have seven children to raise,I can’t be caught。”
McDonalian tears flowing out of the tears:“If you were arrested or killed,Their life is over,Ask you poor pity they,Let me go.!”
“Clever,I also have several girlfriends.”
Liao Jie joke,It is a US emperor,Have a child to wash white,If you are seven are girls,That’s even more,True president,The next day, I will be sentenced to innocence.。
“Since it is so clever,Then can you let me go??”
“Do not talk nonsense,Hurry and don’t move,If there is anything to stay with the judge?!”
“Need not,I will be sentenced to innocence.,Why do you want more??”
McDonal slaves, hurt, crying,Flashing in your eyes:“I want to put you a horse.,Since you are not looking for death,I don’t mind send you to hell.。”
“Hell,I have not yet been examined yet.”
Liao Jie dialect halfway,I saw McDonali eye pupils.,Body expansion,Dogs in dogs,The whole body is covered with thick gold hair,Giants who have become a height of four meters。
Transform,McDonalun roaring a snoring,Lion face hole:“Multi-tube idle guy,You see something that should not look,Remember that the next prison is thinking about heroes.。”
Plug,I have recently used the book.app, \\app \\ More bookings,Books,Update fast!
His mouth spurting white hot air,Waving a sharp lion,Stepping,It seems that I have changed directly to Liao Jie.,Belt bloodthirsty,The claws are tearing the wind。
All-eyed,I took a loneliness,McDonalun is surprised,Suddenly some of them are different,Low head,Liao Jie does not disappear,Instead, further,Just avoid killing。
lucky,Still inevitable?
McDonalun flashed in a panic,Fortunately, the possibility is not big,Then I can only have a master.。
“Your shape is http://www.soundrise.cn good,Powerful,Where to buy the skin?”
Liao Jie raises his hand sticked in the McDonal slave,Do not wait for the other party to answer,Luck,The close range of the impact of the applause。
Air waves open,McDonald slave,Vest position 血 血。