Chen Xiu ran to open the door,Rushed into the three big guys immediately,Casual clothes,The two behind are in police uniforms。
“Raise hand、Hold your head、Do not move on the ground!”The man in casual clothes shouted:“I suspect you are selling illegally……”
Look at the two men in the room,Changed his words again:“Plus a group of people to fuck!At least 15 days of administrative detention,Notify your family to pick up in 15 days!”
Usually this time,The man in the room must be trembling with fright、beg for mercy。
But the atmosphere is different now,I saw the two men staring at themselves without fear at all.,I saw the fear of my female companion again。
“that……That one……”
The casual man and his companion looked at each other,All panicked,Just want to run out。
“Where to go!”
Tiger suddenly blocked the way,Put the casual man on the ground with one kick,The other two men in police uniforms reached out to pull out the batons from their waists,Chen Xiu kicked someone’s back from behind。
Half of the baton was pulled out and the man fell to the ground,Chen Xiu took the opportunity to press him on the ground。
Another person was taken aback,I was flabbergasted and kicked by the tiger again,Proposed to hit the wall for more than three meters and slowly slipped off and fainted。
“boss,Call the police!”
Half an hour later,The real police officer came and took away the three men and one woman who were in the game。
“Tiger,How can you see that woman has?”
“Women who work in small hotels in the county are generally older,Not as young as the woman just now,The makeup is thicker……and also,The woman just used Chanel No. 5 perfume,So high-end perfume is generally not willing to use it in this line。