Taylor Swift’s documentary scored high on line, responded to becoming fat, and contradicted Kan
Sauna Night News (Reporter Yang Chang) On January 31st, “Mold” Taylor Swift’s personal record “Miss Sweetheart” was officially launched on Netflix.The duration of the film is 1 hour and 25 minutes, and the freshness of rotten tomatoes quickly rises to 90% after going online, and the audience rating is as high as 97%.”Miss American Sweetheart” is directed by Lana Wilson, which records Taylor Swift’s journey as a creator and performer, and also shows many unknown stories.The introduction to the film wrote: “As one of the most iconic artists of our time, she has learned to play the role of a good songwriter and performer, and she has learned to make the most of her music to reveal her true character.And emotional woman.”From the behind-the-scenes footage of the” Credit “tour to the” Reputation “album missed an important Grammy reaction, at the beginning of the documentary, Taylor Swift showed the joys and sorrows of being an ordinary person-when knowing yourself from the phoneWhen the work might suffer from Grammy affirmation, she endured the loss and fell: “I just need to make a better album.”This scene distressed many fans.When referring to the body changes that have been the subject of much public discussion in recent years, Taylor also admitted that he once thought that fainting during the performance in order to maintain a perfect body is a matter of course, “but then I replaced it, letIf you eat well, you are full of energy and become stronger, you can do all the performances.This is a good revelation, because I love the real self more and more.I do n’t mind if someone says I ‘m getting fatter. It ‘s better to be fatter than to look sick.”Small American Sweetheart” stills.The picture comes from the Internet. In the face of a series of public opinion storms such as “continuously changing boyfriend” and the contradiction with “Kan Ye”, Taylor responded: “When someone realizes that I am a virtuous, evil, and cunning person, IIt really can’t be revived.I just want to disappear when I have a whereabouts. I have to dismantle my belief system and make myself sensible.”She secretly noticed her boyfriend: Joe Alvin, saying she” loves someone else “,” His life is normal, plain and beautiful. “We decided to keep the romance secret.Although this is terrible, I am very happy.This kind of happiness is not the kind of happiness that others taught me, but we are very happy.At the end of the film, Taylor Swift and a group of friends witnessed the toast when the new album “Lover” was launched.She said: “People always say that celebrities are imprisoned at the age of fame, and I have experienced such things.But I am still young, I am talented, people can see this in me, I just have to persevere.I still hope I have a sharp pen, thin skin and an open heart.”Small American Sweetheart” stills.Sauna, Ye Chang Edited by Tian Changni, Proofreading Lu Qian