[How to make dumplings with dried bamboo leaves]_ 粽子 _How to make

Usually we need to use bamboo leaves to pack dumplings. If you buy dried bamboo leaves, you can soak them in warm water in advance.

Of course, it is also possible to choose reed leaves to wrap the gardenia. The method of wrapping the gardenia with bamboo leaves is relatively simple. It also has a delicious fragrance. It is a very good type of gardenia leaves and has certain health effects.

What kind of leaves are suitable for Baozizi, bamboo leaves are 1-3m tall and 0 in diameter.

5-1cm, internode 10-15cm long, glabrous or bristly when young, under the knot is light brown blanket hairy ring; scabbard is brown-green when fresh, 10-12cm long, middle and lower part of the back is brownBristle; scabies developed, extending to both sides, sickle-shaped, most hairs brown, wavy; palatal tongue truncate or slightly curved 1-2mm high, fringed-brown hairs on margins; stipe leaves erect, long triangularOr oval.

The top is tapered and the base is round.

The leaves are large, 10-35 cm long, 2-5 m wide, and pubescent on the back.

2. Reed leaves are most used in northern areas.

The northern reed leaves have fresh leaves and are made of gardenia. People in the north can obtain the materials locally and the price is cheap. The disadvantage is that the leaves are narrow and the gardenia is slightly larger.

How do bamboo leaves wrap dumplings?

Select two to three leaves, and fold the leaves in a staggered manner, that is, the upper leaves press the half of the lower leaves.


Fold the loquat leaves into a funnel shape.


In this funnel, put a small half of Jiangmi, then put a few red dates, and then put some Jiangmi to cover the red dates.


Fold the loquat leaf so that the loquat leaf wraps all the rice.

Wrap the rice dumplings 4-5 times with cotton thread, and fasten the buckle, which is easy to untie when eating the rice dumplings.

The folding of the cilantro leaves is very crucial, which is related to the final appearance of the finished product.

Therefore, it is inevitable to use a certain method to wrap the dumplings. First of all, the dumplings must be tightly packed. Do not expose the fillings, so as to prevent the porridge from being scattered during the continuous cooking process, the taste may be inferior.

Specifically, the folding method of the long leaves is different from that of the four-horned ones.

Although the two leaves are overlapping, the angle folded by the long bark is a right angle, and this angle must be maintained from beginning to end.

The four-corner angle is less than 90 degrees. The specific angle is uncertain. The smallest angle becomes a tapered 粽 strip. The angle folded out is a right angle, and this angle is always maintained.