Often massage the prostate for inflammation that doesn’t bother you

“Massaging the prostate by yourself at home can treat chronic prostatitis.

In a recent interview, reporters heard many patients say this.

Can prostate massage be done at home?

Zhang Yaqiang, chief physician of urology at Guang’anmen Hospital of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes that the treatment of chronic prostatitis by self-massaging the prostate does have a certain effect, but it is not suitable for people. If blind massage, it will worsen the condition.

  Doctor Zhang explained that prostate massage therapy is an adjuvant therapy by regularly massaging the prostate to drain the prostate fluid and expel inflammatory substances to relieve the accumulation of prostate secretion fluid, improve local blood circulation, and promote absorption and absorption.

  Because most patients with chronic prostatitis are old and young, there are small middle-aged people, and there are a lot of things every day. Taking time out every week to go to the hospital for special massages is not realistic for many patients, so someThe patient was self-massaging at home.

In fact, self-massage is a simple and effective method for patients with full, soft prostates and overlapping secretions.

  However, the following conditions are not suitable for massage: patients suspected of prostate tuberculosis, tumors; acute exacerbations of chronic prostatitis; patients with prostate atrophy or sclerosis.

In self-massage, it should be noted that the tenderness of the prostate is obvious, and the cystic sex is enhanced, so it is necessary to go to the hospital in time.

The prostate self-massage treatment is only an adjuvant treatment and cannot completely replace other therapies.

  Doctor Zhang introduced that during massage, the patient took off the squatting position or laterally flexed supine position, and after cleaning the anus, he put a finger cot on one hand and lubricated it with soap and water, extended into the anus, and used the last knuckle of the index fingerFacing the prostatic surface of the prostate, gently perform the tibia on the prostate in order from the outside to the inside, first tilting the glands from each other to the midline by 3?
Four times, the prostate fluid was squeezed from the central ditch from the top to the bottom of the urethra.

  3 massages per time?
5 minutes, it is better to replenish the prostatic fluid from the urethra each time. It must be gentle during massage. The interval between each massage is at least 3 days. Generally, massage 1 weekly?
2 times.

After the massage, the patient should urinate immediately, and the inflammatory secretions remaining in the urethra are discharged with the urine.

  Doctor Zhang reminded patients, “Massage is more about the strength and accuracy of the part. If this is not reduced, the benefits will be significantly discounted.

Patients preparing to massage at home should fully communicate with the doctor.