Half an hour later,O Sheng carried Chen Xiu safely to Australia Island,Successfully sent the zombie’s broken arm to the new experimental base。
Because of the lab relocation,Research has http://www.paulight.cn been delayed for two days,Li Lili got the broken arm and didn’t have time to take care of them both,Immediately engaged in research with the scientists in the laboratory。
Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng didn’t know anything about the research.,Had to walk out of the laboratory boringly,Back to the car,
“We go there now?”Osheng asked。
“Find a hotel to stay,We have been living on Australia Island this time,Not going back to Hong Kong Island。So as not to be
On one acre of land on Australia http://www.meitebangong.cn Island,With Guo Yingdong protection can save a lot of trouble。
“it is good!”
Osheng is about to start the car,Chen Xiu’s phone rang,It was Huang Nanguo calling。
“Hush,I will answer the call first。”
Chen Xiuyi connected,Huang Nanguo’s roar came from the phone:“Chen Xiu,You bastard,What exactly is your laboratory researching!”
“Did he know that I was studying zombies??”
Chen Xiu feels guilty,Bit the bullet and said:“Yellow tools,Didn’t I say,Is to study a new anti-cancer drug。”