“what news?”
“Although you have improved learning attitudes in the past week,But why you have dropped too much.,Your bad transcript is sent to the financing of your study abroad.,He saw that you are very angry with the deviation.,Said to stop funding to you。”
“meaning is,The script I have to face is,Kawped school,Then being sent back to China?”Kohong smelled the breath of the storm。
“May wish to be a little bit,It is also possible that your subsidor is too lazy to help you.,Let you stay here for yourself。”Autumn is just a cloud,He also deliberately avoided a little,That is about the problem of follow-up accommodation。
Every month,Funders will send a living fee,This fee includes daily accommodation diet,It also includes the zero flower money freely distributed by the department,And the accommodation fees are of course mastered by Qiusheng.,Equivalent to a landlord。
If the landlord can’t get money,The tenant naturally is going out。
If it is the original, face this situation,Maybe it is really destroyed.。
“Do not worry,I will not immediately rush you.,But you can only stay for two months.,But you have to prepare for no minus money.。”Autumn is just a leisurely,Pick your handle,Re-opened the double-cut dragon。
“Your subsidist requires you to get a considerable grade next exam.,It’s probably a month now,Work hard.,juvenile。”
Qiusheng is a smile and encourages。
Corporation is caught in meditation。
It is now April 7,Almost in mid-May, it is a wave of exam seasons.,Can he follow school?,It also depends on this word test。
Although the discipline http://www.nanninglianlv.cn has not expected to rely on normal promotion to open a road,But now the fire has burned to the eyebrows.,Have to save fire。
Perhaps you should break your boat,Directly on Go,Time to warm up professional chess road with the last three months?
Still can use the strategy of slowing?
“Autumn uncle,If I am in this month,Take a high school class-level Go champion,Do you think I can renew success??”Corporation seriously thinks about this strategy。
Autumn:“Don’t talk about the championship,Temple can,I talked to your subsidist.,He is also very interested in Go.,I haven’t tasted it.,Just do you have to be too small to see Go??You want to spend a month.,Direct learning point achievements?”
“Ok,I am showing,In fact, I learned a little play when I was young.,And I have learned very good,It belongs to the old industry。http://www.arrow-oil.cn
“Then I wish you good luck.,This is holding this。”Qiusheng is a handle of another handle of connecting red and white machine.。
“this is?”
“hurry up,Call this game with me,Don’t hit it, you can’t sleep.,Just in order to sleep,I was forced to die.,White lost such a good clearance opportunity。”Autumn is a face change,Ganze,Nothing doesn’t matter tomorrow, no weekend。
“call,This is really”Corporation shook his head helplessly,Take the handle。
really,No matter which world,Which era,Which age,Men always unable to reject games。
Go,One of the games in the ancient times。
Chapter VII· This person’s mother’s mother is so high
the next day,Sun rise,The traffic lights of the crossroads start flashing,Tram walking in the city,A little bit noisy。
Although it is already the eighth day,But the scene in front of the scene is still full of time and space.。
Office workers and students waiting on the platform,Long windbreaker and blue school skirt。
No matter how men and women,Hairstyle with curvature of the roll,High forehead,A aesthetic with old Hong Kong film。
An occasional music on the street is also a strong Hong Kong flavor,Full of small money,Can take into account cultural influence,Here is the center of Asian Entertainment。
In fact, the current world’s timeline is also somewhat strange.,Although the year is labeled1986year,But compared to the past,It can only be called the 1980s.。
From the perspective of big event,The eagle sauce is a Japanese hand sign in the New York Square Hotel.,This should be the signature of last year,But in this world line, I signed three years ago.。
Many this is born1990AnnualfcThe game is also sold.,But the opposite is also some1986The game sold in the year is now no shadow。
His understanding of the red white machine is still90Unique childhood memory,Willing to learn about it,Others were born1986He has no research by Japanese cultural works.。
I have to say that he is right.《jojo》Quite research,《jojo》This is connected to198》Uploaded a year。
Take a way,If it is not because there is no entertainment talent,Also remember the content of the work,Otherwise, he can copy one will not stay.,Not soft。
Inogan,Timeline is slightly lag,Stop in it’s probably1980World Pattern before the year。
Means of,The motherland of the sea,Go is still very cold,Waiting for a slap from the sky to save。
Say,The motherland of the past,It is also true that he will save。