Guoan’s 22 wins set a record in team history, Genesio looks forward outstandingly
Genesio is very satisfied with the team’s performance.Figure / Visual China Due to Shanghai ‘s Shanghai-Hong Kong draw against Beijing Renhe in the current round, after defeating Guangzhou R & F 4-1, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan has locked the second place in the league this season.Regarding the scale of the final round of Guangzhou Evergrande’s tie to win the championship, Guoan coach Genesio said after the game: “We should not be annoyed by this, football needs to look forward forever.”Guoan coach is very satisfied with the team’s performance in this game, he said in the rematch after the game:” Through efficient pass, we have achieved this very well.The team created a lot of opportunities and seized it.After the first goal was scored, everyone’s status was released and our own football was played.The mentality and mental state of the team members in the second half were not relaxed, which is the key to winning today.”For the team has locked in the second place, Genesio is outstandingly grateful,” I need to thank all the team members, team doctors, leaders, assistant coaches, logistics support staff, translators, etc. All the staff of the club are veryDue diligence, the current achievements are inseparable from everyone’s efforts.”, Today’s victory against R & F is also the 22nd victory of the Guoan team this season. This data has set a record of 21 wins in 2014, setting a new record for the team.Regarding the fact that Evergrande tied the next round to win the championship immediately, the coach Guoan said: “If we win next time and Evergrande draws, then both sides have the same points, but they are the champions.We may be very annoyed, but football should always look forward, and do n’t be sad about past failures.Now our goal is very clear, that is to play the last game well and play our own game.”What makes the outside world even more attractive is that Guo’an has placed an” intermittent spell “through Shenhua and R & F in an away game. Genesio is exposed. The reason why the team can explode after the intermittent period is because” national team players’The time to return to the team was a week earlier than before, so they had time to adapt to my new tactics and new formations, like Yu Yang, Park Cheng, Li Ke and Xizhe all adapted to the current formation and played their own characteristics.”Bakanbu, who scored goals in two consecutive games, has also recovered his confidence. The Guoan coach is very pleased with this:” He recovered his confidence in the training and brought the state of the training to the game. This isWhat we most want to see.”