[How to make radish babies]_ making methods _ practice Daquan

When you eat radish, you mainly eat the radish roots. What you don’t know is that the radish leaves can also be eaten.

Presumably everyone should have smelled the unique scent of radish. The scent on the radish leaves will be more intense, so those who like to eat radish must not miss the radish leaves made. Here are a few explanations for making radish.Alas.

How much is a carrot leaf worth?

Carrot leaves are also called radish gardenia, and in some areas they are also called Lai Gardenia leaves.

Modern medical research shows that the nutritional value of carrot leaves is higher than carrots in many ways.

Its content of vitamin C is more than 2 times higher than that of root; the content of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, riboflavin, and folic acid in mineral elements is 3-10 times higher than that of root.

The health benefits of carrot leaves: 1, lowering blood sugar, helping to control blood sugar in patients with diabetes.

2. Potassium succinate in carrot dumplings helps prevent vascular sclerosis and lower cholesterol, and regular consumption has a certain effect on hypertension.

3, Lishui, digestion, qi, phlegm and cough medicine and other health care effects.

4. In addition, carrot leaves also contain high molybdenum. Carrot leaves are often eaten to prevent myopia, presbyopia, and cataracts.

5. The most important thing is that the accumulated fiber content of carrot leaves is high, which can prevent constipation and prevent colon cancer.

For beauty lovers, often eating some carrot leaves can not only fill the stomach and reduce the amount of staple food implanted, but also reduce weight and weight.

Practical prescriptions of carrot leaves: 1. Treatment of indigestion: fried carrot shredded dog meat, crispy and spicy, can increase the effect of warming and nourishing the spleen and stomach, and helping the kidneys and yang.

2, treatment of urinary tract infections: take dried or fresh carrot dumplings and drink with an appropriate amount of brown sugar, drink once a day, drink for two days to cure urinary tract infections, and use anti-inflammatory drugs together for better results.

Reminder: Carrot dumplings cannot be eaten with ginseng, Dihuang, Shouwu, etc.

How to eat carrot leaves?

Carrot leaves are completely delicious, and there are no contraindications to eating. Cold salad, dumplings, soup, steamed vegetables, etc. are all better ways to eat.

1. The most common method of steaming vegetables and carrot leaves is to make steamed vegetables. The steamed carrot leaves taste very fragrant. There is a flavor of steamed artemisia seeds and spinach. Dip it in vinegar and garlic juice.

If you pour some hot oil and hot peppers after steaming, it will taste better than eating meat.

However, it should be noted that the steaming time should not be too long. If it is cooked, it will be taken out immediately. If it is stuffed continuously, the color will not look good and it will affect the taste.

2, cold salad because carrot leaves and other vegetables, vitamins are relatively easy to lose, so it is best to simmer the whole leaf first, add your favorite seasonings and eat.

3, when boiling soup with carrot leaves, it is best to boil some meat together, such as pig lean meat, pig bones and so on.

Because this can not only increase the effect of calcium supplementation, but also the light and bitter taste of carrot leaves and rich crude fiber, making meat eating easier to digest.