Sports fitness to avoid these 5 misunderstandings

Fitness is a matter of great concern to many young people in today’s modern age. Being able to have a strong body and practice charming vest lines, many young people are passionate about fitness, and some even go to the gym every day.

However, improper fitness methods can easily hurt your body. The following editors will introduce the five major misunderstandings of sports and fitness.

  Some people don’t insist on exercise when they exercise, depending on their mood, they don’t have the patience to persist in exercise. Generally speaking, if you stop exercising after exercise, you will unfortunately grow up again later.

It is recommended to keep exercising, and the interval between two exercises should not be too long.

  Do not warm up before training Many people join the training as soon as they get to the fitness room, so the warm-up exercise that is ignored in training is ignored.

Warming up before training can not only reduce injuries, but also increase the body temperature before doing intense exercises.

  It is one of the most dangerous misconceptions to stick to exercise while sick.

If you are unwell recently, you should suspend or reduce the amount of exercise.

Otherwise it will aggravate the disease and prolong the disease period.

If you experience dizziness, chest tightness, chest pain, shortness of breath and other symptoms during exercise, you should immediately stop all activities and call an ambulance if necessary. Do n’t hold on or wait, especially middle-aged and elderly people, to prevent sports-induced sudden death.

  Immediately stop and rest. When you exercise, your heartbeat will increase, muscles and capillaries will dilate, and blood flow will increase. At the same time, the rhythmic contraction of the muscles will squeeze the small veins and help the blood flow back to the heart quickly.

If you immediately stop and rest at this time, the rhythmic contraction of the muscles will also stop, and a large amount of blood that originally entered the muscles cannot flow back to the heart through the muscle contraction, resulting in lower blood pressure, temporary brain rupture, panic shortness of breath, and dizziness., Pale, and even shock and faint.

  Single exercise method Once you have adapted to the exercise mode that people feel comfortable with, then this exercise will become unnecessary. Repeating the same action without passion will only make people tired of the exercise.

Especially in extreme time-consuming exercises that consume only a little energy and burn a small number of calories, like mice running on wheels, muscles have long stopped responding to such exercise patterns.