“Such very well。”
Say!The old man is chasing the scholar left.。
Lin lives this is not anxious,Down window,Staring along the street to the book。
Not for a while,Dress up the beautiful A raccoon coming in。
With the shake people,Hook all the men’s soul in the whole teahouse。
It walked to the forest,Sit next to,Double-eyed veins。
This is not envious of the people around you.。
Several people whispering private language:
“The book is not understanding,Such a woman is enough。”
“Yes!Miss Li, I have seen it.,Really thin,At night, at all incense,This definitely。”
These words can naturally be transmitted to the forest sound and raccccous,But would you http://www.shujiuhong.cn like??
Happy fairy。
Naturally won’t naturally。
A raccoon asked:
“The old man is very smart.,Will we win??”
“have no idea,But it should not be lost very miserable。”
Say!Lin lived with a raccoon in the same place。
When drinking tea is aware of what,Fear,Immediately scattered。
At this moment, the old Taoist really follows the scholar to come to him.。
After the book, the book is old.,Unusual anger,Forced the old Taoist on the wall,Alert warning:
“I have no fire now.,Immediately leave,Otherwise don’t blame me.。”
Old Taoist smiles:
“If I really drive away,Miss Li will be yours.。”
After listening to the book, I will take the hand.:
“What do you mean?”
“I mean,You are not white today.。”
“What’s the meaning?I do not understand。”
“Miss Li, if you know that you are beaten,Will http://www.leshengwenhua.cn not come to see you?”
“You are said that Miss Li will come to see me.?”
“Scorpion can be taught。”