There are hundreds of big medium and medium-sightedness associated with the sacred teaching.。
If the world is willing to receive these forces,Whether it is strength or interest,Absolutely a fairly horrible data。
Absolutely have a lot of talents and masters。
In many eyes,When this fight is about to end,The world will inevitably usher in an extreme expansion。
When this strong capital reaches a certain amount,It will lead to quality changes。
In other words,The world is absolutely capable,Become the most powerful forces in the underground world。
none of them!So,Size of underground world,It will also change the change in the sky.。
Regardless of the big medium and medium-sighted,Still the remaining eight major domain,Will be respectful in the world。
People are also waiting,Watch,Careful Wing should be against the upcoming changes。
No one will think,Killing God will choose retirement。
Retirement,After all, he has also done it before.。
Who knows anyone,Even if retired,People in the world or his,He is still an overlord。
However this time,Not only retirement,Even disbanded people in the world。
Western world all over the world,Master of the Eastern countries,And Huaxia Ancient Wood……All are talking about this matter。
Just like a boulder,I am embarrassed into the lake.。
Retirement may be possible,But the unscrupulous people will never talk about it.。
That is the hegemony,Absolutely a big thing,Only on the surface,Tens of thousands of people rely on eating。
If it is the behind-the-scene member,The number of people will only be multiplied。
sometimes,Not to say that you are an overlord,You really said,Many things don’t feel。
You don’t go,The people behind will leave you。
If you still don’t go,The people behind will be against you!This world,Never lack a wild home。
Many people think this is a shot of killing,Perhaps there is no conspiracy。
But soon, people get news.,Commercial family and rich from all over the world,All receiving the invitation of the world。
It is very simple。
People will sell and auctions in the world,All well-known industries。
These industries include intelligence systems destroyed for some time when they were destroyed by the sacred time.,Bar、nightclub、Club and other entertainment venues。
Also included some private estates、Mansions and some island property rights。
At the same time, there are some great power to receive the invitation.。
Mercenary industry chain,Training base,And secret segments from people around the world……That is to these people。
Member of the world,Also arrange。
If you are willing to follow the new boss,Then leave,If you are not willing,You can leave your own。
But no matter if you leave or leave,Members of every world,Will receive a very considerable……Severance pay。
News,World vibration!Never exaggerated modification。