Causes of child psychological disorders

Data show that the incidence of psychological disorders among children in China is increasing year by year.

Psychologists and sociologists analyze that children’s psychological obstacles are caused by the following factors: First, the only child living space is small.

Due to the overprotection of parents, only children have fewer opportunities to reach their peers and have more opportunities to actually exercise. In addition, parents lack relevant child mental health knowledge, turn a blind eye to their psychological problems, or do not know how to properly guide their children.

  Second, the rapid development of science and technology, children spend more and more time on computers, TVs, and CD players every day.

Excessive addiction to horror movies, martial arts movies, computer games, and even pornography can lead to unfocused, unrealistic delusions, and lead to some obvious personality defects such as irritability, possible jealousy, waywardness, and narrowness.

In severe cases, hallucinations and mental disorders may occur.

  Third, social competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and parents’ expectations of children are getting higher and higher.

They often do not consider the individual differences of children, let children constantly learn various skills such as piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Excessive expectations often overburden children’s bodies, create boredom, and lose interest in anyone.

  Fourth, laid-off parents cause psychological pressure on children.

Dismissal in the eyes of many children is disgraceful.

They are reluctant to let their classmates know that they behave uneasily and have serious inferiority; reorganization, sudden changes in economic conditions, and the impact of their lives on children ‘s psychology, which brings distortions and unsafe emotions to children.

  Fifth, the increase in parental divorce rate is also the primary cause of mental damage to children.

Some children may become the object of parents’ confession, the arbiter or punching bag, or the leftovers of both parties, kicked and kicked like a ball, the child is overly depressed, and even psychologically perverted and mentally distorted.