Han Jin let the assistant go out first,And he looked at Yi Wei,“Raining,I know that you are very sad in these days.,I disappointed you.,I know that you will be unhappy.,Sorry,I will not be in the future.。
Also,Raining,Thank you for paying these years.,Thank you for your payment of your home.,But now I just want to tell you.,I won’t give up on you.。”
Ikiyuyu looked at him without talking。
Han Jin looked at her gentle smile,“Raining,I don’t want to divorce you.,Today, let you come here.。”
People in http://www.lqtpc.cn the private room heard two words divorced,I’m still awkward。
“Raining,Do you know?,We are both love,Yes you come,Give me the true meaning of life in my life。”
Han Xin is full of love,I don’t expect Yiji Yuhui to answer him.。
Because she is really angry, I am really angry.,Especially Li Shan is still sitting in front of her.。
He slowly took out the information in the bag。
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Li Shan looked at the action of Han Jin,The whole person is getting more and more nervous。
Yang Cheng and Li Shan are sitting very close,He can even feel that she is shaking.。
He eyebrows,But he heard the voice of Han Jin.。
“Raining,This is a parent-child identification,Lulu is not my daughter。”Han Jin put the last page of the parent-child identification book in front of the rain。
Ikui is flashing,Look http://www.lyhtp.cn at him still doesn’t talk。
I just,She thought that the information in Han Xin is a divorce agreement.。
He took Li Shan over,She thought he was divorced with himself.,Then marry Li Shan,She is thinking about the countermeasures。
She thinks,How can I not be cheaper?。
Course,What she saw is a parent-child identification。
Divorce This idea is crazy in her mind these days.,Divorce is her last choice。
She is doing something to simply,If you don’t love it, you leave.,Deadly entangled will only make each other more painful,Let yourself be more painful。
I didn’t expect the results unexpected.。
Han Jin has not returned this time,She thought that Han Jin was only a non-divorce.,In fact, I have given up this marriage.。
It seems that she wants to be wrong now.,Han Jin went to do parent-child identification。
http://www.jcnuv.cn “Han Jin。”Li Shanhong looked at him,“Do you have to admit it??I don’t even recognize my daughter.,These written documents,Do you want to take it out??”
When I was young, I had a lot of suspicion.,Han Jin does not go home,She will have a sense of crisis。
No matter what circumstances,She will want to do everything to dismount them.,Let Yi Yu rain suffer from a hundred times。
“Shut up,If you have this, you give me a fake.?”Han Jinton,After being cheated in this woman for more than ten years,He hasn’t come yet, and it is a good account.。
Li Shan was shared by him,I haven’t talking about my lips.,Tears swim in my eyes,Dead staring at Han Jin。
Han Jin looked at Yi Wei,Ambitious,Deep and gentle,Devout。
Yi Yuxi,It seems that I have seen a young Han Men’s blood to rush to myself.。