It means that this chess game has to drag to a few days.?
“Be right,This is my very important life first game.,I can’t take this road.,Of course, it is worth effective to take ancient law,Unbearable,This behavior seems to be a regular term called hung?”
really,Punch is a formal term,Specifically, the hand is eligible to suspend competition,Take the respected to the hand。
But why now is you a mess,The person who can’t go down is called there.!
Neurosis, this is!
Qingdao deer has a lucky cat who wants to catch up on the counter,Improve the impulse。
“Well,That’s it.,Time is not early,Qingdao classmates,We will fight again,If you have a chess, you will bother you.。”Corona got all from the chair,Then go outside the door。
“and many more。”Qingdao is called the back of the Koho。
“You really want to finish this game?”
“of course。”Kobe point,He has now standing outside the door.,Half the body is not in the night,Shandan is like a piece of chess。
He didn’t take a few steps outward,Footwang:“Time limit,I want to be a month.,Is this okay?”
“what do you mean,In this month,You have to upgrade your own chess to the point of winning this game from my hand.?”Qingdao deer understands the other party’s meaning。
“It’s almost like this.,Is this a foul??”
This is not a problem that is not fouled,This is a disease.!Neuropathy!
Qingdao Deer looks at the eyes of the science and is incredible.,She is difficult to understand this person’s brain circuit for a time.。
“Qingdao classmates,in your opinion,How much is my nine-child advantage??”
Qingdao is a while,Still listen to each other,Seriously read a chess game:“Probably five children。”
“Five sons,It turned out that I was in an instant.。
There is also the advantage of the top 50,it should be no problem?
“Naqing Island students goodbye,When I came next, I would take some papay milk to visit.。”After the science, I will win the victory.,Big step,Back to the play of the Goer。
“and many more!What is the ghost of papaya milk?!Don’t bring your strange things.!”
Science is far away。
Empty Goroom,Qingdao deer has a good one after a while, there is a feeling of waking up.。
But the pile on the counter on the counter,And the game that has not yet yet reminded her on the board.,Just now there is a god stick figure.。
“His name is”
Qingdao deer remembers still not knowing the name of each other,But it’s good to let him fill a registration.。
Science,It feels like it is a Japanese name.。
This name,She remembers。
Look at the address behind——
and many more!How can he live opposite the street?!
Chapter Six· New storm already appears
The street is washed by the night rain, it looks extra very clean and wide.,Air is awake。
Cohogang stepped into the water,The pace is somewhat shaking。
Wonderful blood flows in his body,God is somewhat fainting,Some unstable walking。
He played back to every exercise you have just made over and over again.,And the front 40 hand。