[How to make fish head hot pot delicious]_ delicious practice _ how to make

It is said that people who can eat fish love to eat fish heads.

Many restaurants now have the dish of fish head buns. One fish head bun can be eaten by four people, and the taste is very good.

Some people want to make fish head hot pot at home. How can fish head hot pot be prepared?

First of all, you need to choose the right ingredients, and then you need to make the hot pot base. The following is a detailed introduction to the practice of fish head hot pot. You can learn about it.

First, fresh fragrant fish head pot ingredients: Qiandao Lake fish head one (about 2000 grams), round red pickled pepper, onion section, ginger slices 5 grams each.

Seasoning: A (50 grams of white cardamom, 25 grams of cumin, peppercorn grains, 10 grams each of cumin grains, 25 grams of houttuynia cordata, 25 grams of perilla leaves, 3 grams of cloves) 100 grams of old oil in hot pot, Bai Kou 5G.
Practices: 1. Boil the lamb bone soup until it is milky white. Put the material A into a spice bag and put it in the boiled lamb bone soup for another 15 minutes. Pour it into the hot pot.Shape red pickled pepper, spring onion, ginger slices, white cardamom, add fresh fish head and serve.

Second, hot pot old oil formula: 80 kg of butter, 70 kg of vegetable oil, 10 starch from Shexian Douban, 2 paste of tempeh, and 0 of glutinous rice.

5 thousand (to juice), peppercorns 1.

5 kg, dried pepper 7 kg (seedless), 1 bottle of cooking wine, 1 bottle of white wine, 2 ginger.

5 kg, 2 kg garlic, 3 kg onion, 0 fragrant leaves.

5 thousand, Baikou 0.

3 kg, cinnamon.


Hot pot old oil refining method: first place a stainless steel vat on a hot fire, burn the oil (butter or vegetable oil), and then add the garlic slices, ginger slices, and onion sections, fry them and remove them.Add fragrant to bright oil, then add all the spices, then add tempeh, braised rice, and processed sea pepper. Stir-fry the white wine, cooking wine, and the old oil. Refine the residue after 5 to 6 hours, then add the soup.Medium spare.

Three, matters needing attention: 1. Before frying, whether it is butter or rapeseed, be sure to boil it with high heat to make it seven or eight. After maturity, turn off the heat and let the oil temperature drop to 30% before you can put ginger and green onions.Garlic, the purpose of this is to prevent the high temperature oil from being swelled by the volatilization of the raw material water to produce a large amount of water vapor, and the oil spills over the barrel surface to cause waste and safety accidents.

2. Douban should be controlled at 40% or 50% when it is the best oil temperature, so that it can be colored, fragrant, and the best degree of fried Douban, the tender, raw Douban taste, turbid, black and old,Bitter.

3, the mix of spices must be accurate, more will make the noise more dominant, so that a certain share of oil taste, so that hot food has bitterness and no fragrance.

4. After the ingredients are finished, it must be refined with low heat for at least one and a half hours to two hours. Otherwise, the aroma will not be refined and the color of the old oil in the hot pot can be red.