5 beautiful push hands make beauty feel more effective

Is your skin, hair, body and spirit ready before getting into the quilt and waking up to sleep?

A perfect beauty sensation is actually “premeditated” about 1 hour before falling asleep!

These “pushing hands” can help you enter deep sleep quickly and comfortably, and win an efficient beauty sleep.


Efficient facial cleansing by pushing hands-Let the skin go to sleep with zero burden to completely remove the makeup, clean the skin, do not let the makeup and dust dirt block the pores, and prevent the skin from breathing at night.

Falling asleep with an unclean face will not only fail to achieve a “beauty consciousness”, but may also become a “feeling consciousness”!

Moreover, the makeup and dust on the face are left on the pillow. If you change the pillow the next day, they will also become the culprit of skin damage in the future.

  After cleansing, use skin care products with moisturizing, repairing, and anti-oxidation as main functions to supplement the skin’s nutrition and lock in moisture.

Studies show that the skin’s ability to penetrate and absorb skin care products will reach the strongest spot of the day around 4 am, so you can use some nourishing skin care products at night without worrying about absorption problems.

  Tip: After completely removing the eye makeup, apply a wet tea bag to the eye for 10 minutes, and then apply eye cream to accelerate blood circulation and reduce the chance of eye congestion. After waking up the next day, a pair of bright eyesGlorious.


High-Performance Beauty Night Cream-Let Age-Reducing Treatment Target Specificity Many people know that night cream is used to nourish the skin at night.

But is your night cream right?

  If you use the wrong night cream, it may actually make your skin “nutrition.”

Choose different night creams for different seasons, different skin types, and different ages.

The “right” night cream can make you sleep with a glowing face.

  Night cream suitable for spring, autumn and winter-night cream with a lot of oily ingredients can provide long-lasting moisturization and protection to the skin in dry spring, autumn and winter.

  Night cream suitable for summer-In the summer when it is close to hot, you should choose a night cream that contains moisturizing ingredients such as collagen, which has repair effects and is lighter in volume.

For oily skin, avoid thick oils and thick night cream.

  Anti-aging night cream for free radicals-Another important function of night cream is “anti-aging”.

Scientists have shown that the “toxin” -free radicals inside the skin reduce and destroy the fibers that make up the skin, and for young and vibrant skin, new fibers are generated to replace these damaged fibers.

But after about 35 years of age, skin fibers are destroyed faster than new fibers can be generated, and wrinkles and aging become more and more obvious.

So after the age of 35, if the night cream used at night does not have the effect of targeting free radicals, then no matter how much sleep you sleep, you may sleep as “aging.”

Therefore, if there is an anti-aging demand, it is necessary to choose a night cream with anti-free radical effect.

Seasonal night cream products recommended CHANEL Chanel Firming Night Repair Night Cream 1305 yuan with traditional Indian herb medicine Tianshu Kinghua extract, can promote collagen fiber synthesis at night, firm skin.

shu uemura Hideki Uemura Revitalizing Moisturizing Cream 75ML / RMB580 is extracted from the energy microcapsules of the rare plant Amalaki, which stimulates collagen synthesis, reduces fine lines and maintains elasticity.

KIEHL’S Night Renewal Cream is not priced to promote the healthy growth of new skin and achieve skin renewal effect.

Makes pores fine, protects skin from damage caused by free radicals and UV rays, and prevents the formation of pigmentation.


High-efficient beauty sleep push-up sleep mask-continuous intensive nourishing general rinse-off mask or non-woven mask, if you stay on the body all night, it may cause skin sensitivity.It will absorb the skin’s moisture, which is worth the money.

  The sleep mask with the golden repair power of sleep is the driving force for the more beautiful the skin.

It has the absorptive power of the mask and the thickness of the frost, but it does not need to be washed, and it does not need to worry about repeated bedding. Just apply it on the entire face 10 minutes before going to bed, and you can rest assuredly sleep after being slightly dry.After sleeping in the bath and loving beautiful “lazy beauties”, sleeping mask + beauty sleep is an absolute golden partner.

  Although some people choose to apply a sleep mask every night, in order to keep the skin self-repairing, it is best to use 2 a week?
3 times.

Sleeping mask products recommended L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Soothing Mask 340 yuan / 75ml contains 10% high concentrated shea butter, organic cotton essence and licorice essence, smooth and comfortable when applied, deeply soothes the skin.

LANEIGE Snow Gel Newborn Sleeping Mask 385 yuan / 40ml + 10g moisturizes dry skin, firmes skin cells, prevents fine lines and wrinkles, and evaporates moisture.

MAMONDE Dream Makeup Hydrating Flower Extract Sleeping Mask 179 yuan / 120ml extracts natural flower energy and high moisturizing sodium hyaluronate, which can bring a continuous moisture and nourishment to the skin during sleep, and can improve skin repair power.

High-efficient beauty sleep hand-assisted sleep bath-physiological relaxation, smooth and beautiful muscles end a day’s work, fatigue, nervous body is difficult to enter a relaxed sleep state.
Except for those who fall asleep, most people need a preparation ceremony for their sleep. This preparation ceremony is to slowly remove the fatigue of the day, gradually eliminate the physiological process, and avoid taking a beautiful aromatherapy hot bath!

It can take you smoothly into a comfortable and relaxed state, and has a hypnotic effect.

About 5 drops of essential oils that help relax the body and sleep, such as roses, lavender, roman chamomile, orange flower, marjolian, myrrh, frankincense, bergamot and other essential oils, are especially helpful to relax the body.Pleasant, gradually calming and long lasting sleep helps with essential oils.

  Tip: After taking a hot bath, apply moisturizing lotion to the whole body, and then wear a cotton nightgown or pajamas that has been heated for 10 minutes. The temperature on the clothes can promote the skin to absorb the lotion, making the body skin smooth, warm and warm.The feeling can also quickly relax the body into sleep.

CLARINS Clarins Soothing Shower Gel 200 yuan / 200ml is recommended for sleep aid products to relieve stress and fatigue, relax the body and improve sleep quality.

Contains concentrated botanical extracts, essential oils evaporate immediately upon contact with water, concentrated aromatherapy effect.

SHISEIDO Shiseido Body Care Body Wash (Tranquil Fragrance) 53 yuan / 550ml contains skin care ingredients from cleansing ingredients to fragrances. The foam is delicate and rich, making the skin hydrated and tender, so that the body skin has the same level of care as facial skin.

L’OCCITANE Cold Soothing Moisturizing Cream 275 yuan / 250ml in the form of a gel, can be quickly absorbed by the skin, accompanied by a pleasant fragrance to bring deep moisture to the skin.

5 Night Hair Essence for Efficient Beauty Awareness-No worries about scalp tightness and difficulty in going to sleep?

Before going to bed, hair care not only helps sleep, but also strengthens hair.

For example, night hair essence can add moisture, protein and other nutrients to the hair that has been exposed to the sun for a day.

Their moisturizing effect can also effectively prevent the hair from rubbing against the pillow to generate static electricity, and the hair will not bulge in the morning.

  Tip: Don’t use extra hair dryer to dry the freshly washed wet hair just because you are in a hurry to sleep-such severe hair does not have enough time to absorb the grease in the conditioner.

It is best to dry the hair thoroughly (you can gently massage the scalp at the same time to fully relax the head and improve sleep quality), then use a small amount of wind to blow the hair to 80% dry, and finally applyNight Hair Essence.

Night Hair Care Essence Products SHISEIDO Shiseido Water Secret Night Hair Repair Gel 55 yuan / 100g amino acid can be used to orient subtle damage inside the hair and provide nano-level repair.

KéRASTASE Evening Care Essence (For Thick Hair) RMB 265 / 125ml contains smooth protein, making dull thick hair soft and manageable.

  (For fine hair) 245 yuan / 100ml active gel and microliposome formula, to strengthen the dull and lose vitality hair.

Pantene Pantene Emulsion Repair Leave-In Conditioner 28.

5 yuan / 300ml “Hydro-Vitamin” formula, which forms a protective film on the surface of the hair, helps repair the internal damage of the hair, and quickly smoothes the hair.