Summer is not available,“You let me leave,It is for me?Hey,You can really deceive people。”
Say,He refers to Su Xiao and Luo Wen and others.,“I am leaving,where are they?I think you are specially left to the chance to retaliate.?”
Be discounted,Li Jing’s face immediately became angry。
“okay,Zijin member is。”
Summer is no chance to give her an opening,Rushing in Su Xiao,“Small,come over。”
Su Xiaoyue came over,Indignation,“I am walking with you.。”
Summer is crying,“That was not what I meant,take it out。”
Su Xiaoxue,“what?”
“That card。”
“Oh oh。”
Su Xiaoxue immediately,Take out a clip from the portable bag,Later open,Take a card from inside。
Next scene,Stunned everyone’s eyes。
I saw the summer quickly passed the card.,See also,Flavor,Directly to Li Jing’s body。
At the same time coldly,“Well, your eyes are clear!”
No need to say at all,Just take the black card in Su Xiao,Whether Li Jing is still Mall,The face has changed.。
Malo is okay,He is not satisfied with the processing of Li Jing.。
Li Jing, although the heart is smooth,Exquisite,But still have some of your own characteristics,Will be very concealed, some big characters and selling people。
But they are different from the old brothers in the mountains and the Thunder.。
It is mixed from the bottom of the society.,More to understand,Such a big stall like Yanbao,Never be unfriendly of passers-by。
He doesn’t even see,I know in a glance.,That is the highest black gold VIP card at the huntel.。
So far, no more than ten。
Each one,It is definitely a super big 佬 standing in the peak。
At this moment,Li Jing cold, the face of frost has become white,Turn out to check the black card in the hand。
at last,She looks to Su Xiaoxiao,Eye complicated,Some tone respect and some uncertain,“Excuse me,Is this VIP card yours??”
“does it matter?”Summer cold-cooled interrupted her。
Narrate,Li Jing’s face changed again,Then, the little 鞠 鞠 鞠 小,“sorry,please forgive,I……”
She can’t say it.。
Because I don’t know how to open。
The mind is already a blank。
I even feel that there is some vertigo。
She is not afraid of the identity of the other party black gold VIP。
but,Black gold VIP has been slap in the door by Zijin VIP.,And her public relations manager,Deliberate maintenance is Zijin VIP……
She is afraid of the punishment from the internal!
Think here,Li Jing’s body actually couldn’t help but shake it slightly.。
Not only her,There are also several security guards at the door.。