“Long pool class leader,I will take a Tang boss.。”
After Xiao Lin, I left Tang Ling.,Rui, http://www.haobaojia.cn personally, gave gold, gave a call.:“master,I am rude.。”
“Long pool class!You’re back?”
“Yesterday came back yesterday,master,Do you have time now??”
“Long pool length, if something is something, I definitely have time.。”
“Then I will come to the fairy music of the concession.,I am here waiting for you.。”
“it is good,I will go right away.。”
啸 林 到 房 房 房 房 房 房 房,Tang Ling took Tan Lin directly to the car。
啸 林 回 到 乐 乐 斯 就 斯 门 几 几 几 几 几,When he went in, he saw that Golden Rong and a few young gang bodies were laughing and laughing.。
“Total!Come over!”Golden Rong actually follows Xiao Lin very familiar,He was originally the Mandarin Police Department,It is said that Xiaolin is just his hand.。
“Yellow boss!Dear boss!”
“Listening to the long tank, the length of the pool said you also want to have a http://www.zzafbbs.cn soil?”Golden prost,
“Yes,I haven’t been stolen before some money.,Tracing for this long time without any clues。”
“Total,It is lucky than you.,So you are also a blessing person.!Good days behind it?!”
“Also rely on the boss to support it.!”
“Tired of the long face, we can’t give,But we have a rule in this line.,The most taboo is null gloves white wolf,But we look at the face of the long-term long face to allow you to mortgage something,That is, symbolic,For example, giving me Xianleis and your property.,I will give you the goods.,When you change it to me when you change it?,I will not want you half a penny interest.,Let’s write a white paper black word.,Do you see this way??”
“Thank you Huang Boss,This is too giving a face.,Just say according to the yellow boss。”啸 林 立 同,Mortgage out property and Xianleis have http://www.dgsjxl.cn nothing,As long as there is goods in your hands, you can make it back.。
When a few big faces,啸林 给 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄。
Seeing 林 痛 痛 手 手 手,Rudely:damn thing,You will be all right,Talk on the mouth:“Total,I promise you.,I still have something to say.。”
“Don’t go,Long pool class,I invite guest at night.……”
“I really have something,Otherwise。”Qi Rui said to the Queen Rong:“master,I go first,I have something to call me.。”
It is perfunctory with other Japanese people.,But I am still very grateful for this long boiled.,Especially he introduced himself to the total power of the opium.,Another is a master, a master, a face.,Say:“Long pool class,Whundime, there is time to go to Rong Social。”
“OK,master,Two days to see the teacher。”
NS309chapter This is a good opportunity to kill a long pool
Rui Rui came to the car,Tan Lin hugged the box in a yellow chassley,Seeing rumored,He has a glorious jump and shouting.:“boss!”
“Old Tan,Nothing。”
“Mainly, I may have a portrait there.。”
“It’s ok,I know your face is changed with drugs.,I have given you some medicine.,Drink a package every day,Three bowls are brought into a bowl to sleep before going to bed.。”Rui Rui has already arranged Tan Lin.,
Tan Lin saw no one whispered around:“Nine brother,Is my face for drinking this medicine??”
“Will not restore the original,But it is definitely better than you now.,Change the appearance does not necessarily use such a stupid approach,You are not teaching your makeup surgery。”
“Nine brother,I’ll listen to you,Even if you drink this medicine, you can restore it.,Anyway, I only follow you.。”
“it is good,Then I obey the medicine.,In this way, the Tan Lin of Li De Mao will never be there.。”
Qi Rui asked Tan Lin’s medicinal ingredients,He has a special spirit of Chinese medicine,I have already planned to help him recover.,Tan Lin has been very painful,Especially rainy cloudy days。