“I did not participate,Just came out of Sheng Guangda’s ward。”Li Tianzhen’s generous seat,“Blue instructor,I just say a few words,Convenient?”
“What’s the inconvenience,Chat with your master and apprentice,too late,I should go back to rest too。”Lan Ling finally recovered his usual coldness,Turn around and gently close the door and leave。
“how do you feel?”Li Tianzhen suddenly lost the urge to continue the following topic。
“Okay,Can eat and drink,Just don’t eat more。”Instructor half joking,But then his face became serious,“You are my most trusted student,what’s the matter,I won’t hide from you,But Lan Ling and I were talking about you just now。”
“Oh?Appreciate further details。”
“I have some concerns now,The things you found called puppets are terrible,Has been concerned by relevant parties,Is this kind of puppet a supernatural being??But I heard they have no signs of life,But has a strong combat power,What kind of substance is this?Can you explain?”
Li Tianzhen expected such troubles to happen,Was anxious,Because you have to retreat immediately,At the same time worry about the safety of the base,So the consideration is immature,I thought that two Sombra puppets could play several roles at the same time,But after coming out of retreat, I found myself dug a hole。
But now Li Tianzhen is quite calm,All the goals are to eliminate the invaders of aliens,Caution is a must,He has suffered a big loss,But as long as the cooperation needs,He can’t be too cold-blooded and stingy,Otherwise, I won’t give Old Gu two more battle puppets。
“Is a kind of semi-mechanical puppet,No thinking,It’s not really life,Is a powerful life in another world,Choose rare materials,A life-like tool refined using supernatural http://www.gaoweishan.cn power,Although they have no soul,But it can be simulated in accordance with a certain formation formula。”
“What a life-like tool。”Instructor sneered,“Do you know what this kind of thing means?”
“Didn’t think so much,Worried that Kampot and his accomplices will follow to the base,I have to retreat after being injured,Can only think of this expedient。”
“You are kind,But did not consider the complexity of the matter,This kind of thing is too rare,What kind of sensation will it cause,You have to be mentally prepared。”The instructor is anxious,Talk and stop,Don’t know how to express my concerns。
Originally, Li Tianzhen didn’t need to order too thoroughly, so he understood,I also plan to destroy the Sombra puppet,After all, it’s not part of the mortal world,in fact,Everything that is contrary to the underlying laws should not exist in http://www.0335net.cn this world for a long time,Listen to the instructor,He realized that things are far from that simple。
So this is the intention of instructor Lan Ling to follow me?To protect me?Li Tianzhen suddenly remembered the two high-altitude drones,Doesn’t seem to be in the same group as Lan Ling,He got a headache。
Chapter 841 New trap
“Thank you for your reminder,I will be more cautious in the future。”After all, I was too careless,Suddenly mastered a huge power,It’s also a little floating,And the instructor is full of sincere concern for him,Li Tianchou was very moved。