The 2026 World Cup will begin to expand to 48 teams in Asia or 8 places.5
On January 10, FIFA officially announced that from the 2026 World Cup, the World Cup team will expand to 48 teams.About 32 teams at the current stage participate in the World Cup finals. From the 2026 World Cup, 16 more teams will participate.The biggest concern for Chinese fans is that the number of places in the Asian region is proposed to start from 4.5 increased to 8.5. The hope of the national football team to participate in the World Cup has greatly increased.  The first World Cup was held in 1930, when there were only 13 participating teams.Four years later, the number of participating teams in the World Cup increased to 16, and it remained until 1978.In 1982, the World Cup expanded to 24. In 16 years later in France, the number of members of the World Cup family has increased to 32. The next two World Cups in Russia and Qatar will also continue this system.  Today FIFA officially announced that the World Cup will be expanded, and the number of participating teams has increased from 32 to 48, 16 more teams than before.What impact will the expansion of the World Cup have on Asian football and Chinese football?According to the current situation, the host of the World Cup in the future will definitely occupy a seat, and the defending champion may still not get the quota for direct promotion.Then there are 47 places left, and it is possible that Asia will get 8.5 seats, and now the number of places in Asia is 4.5.  Participating in this Asian World Top 12 teams, basically includes the strongest team in Asia at this stage.In the group A of this round of 12 includes Iran, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Syria, Qatar, China, all ranked in the top 10 of the latest FIFA national team in Asia.Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, UAE, Iraq, and Thailand in Group B are all strong teams in Asia, and only Iraq and Thailand are outside the top 10 in Asia, but also in the top 20.  That is to say, the current 12 teams in the top 12 will have a long drift in the future and will also be an important force for the World Cup Asian region.The national football team has a poor record in the top 12 and is ranked at the bottom of Group A, but it has not lost the hope of qualifying.  If the number of participants in the Asian region is 8.5. It is also very likely that the current Asian top 12 finals mode will be continued: the top 4 in each group will qualify and the second group will play fifth.If the national football team wants to compete for World Cup tickets, it must at least avoid the bottom of the group and strive for the fifth chance.In fact, when Lippi took over the national football coach, the team did undergo some changes, especially in terms of player self-confidence.The expansion of the World Cup is good news for the national football team, but the key to whether or not to enter the World Cup with the expansion of the army depends on the performance of the national football team.