WCBA female Warcraft marries same-sex wife who once led police out of domestic violence
As long as it is a fan of Zhejiang Women’s Basketball, it must be no stranger to the name Britney Green.As the inner Warcraft of the former Chouzhou women’s basketball team, Greener has staged a dunk game code in WCBA several times.When playing for Beijing last season, Greener also frequently dunked on the court, and even the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks made the call to invite her to try out.And just last week, the female Warcraft got married, and the bride is also a basketball player.格里纳和格珞瑞·约翰逊  当地时间5月8日,格里纳在美国亚利桑那州菲尼克斯城顺利结婚,新娘跟她同行,也是职业篮球运动员,现效力于塔尔萨震动队的格珞瑞· Johnson.However, the wedding of the two was twisted and turns, because just two weeks ago, the two also led the police to the house because of their interactions at home.  In an interview in April 2013, Greener officially came out and announced that she was gay; and last summer, she showed a photo of her engagement with her girlfriend Johnson on her personal website.Envy everyone.However, just last month, the American media suddenly revealed news that the two were fighting at home: they had a dispute in the United States and beat each other. As a result, their hands and faces were injured to varying degrees.  Greener recalled: We had a quarrel at that time, and then escalated to fight, and started throwing things at each other until the police arrived.Johnson’s sister was also present at the time, because the two were really too violent, so they had to call the police.In the end, the police arrested the two on charges of domestic violence. Later, both parties gave up the appeal and were eventually released.In a statement jointly issued by the two, the two also said: Sorry for giving everyone a bad example, we should not start.We apologize for the harm we have caused to our family, friends, leagues and fans.  Two weeks after the family fight, the two’s wedding was still held in Phoenix as usual.At the wedding banquet, Greener wore a white suit and was very handsome, while another bride, Johnson, wore a traditional wedding dress, and the two officially entered the palace of marriage with the company of 75 family and friends.The two also said that although they had been unhappy before, their hearts were still together. The two also hoped to get out of the events of last month as soon as possible and create a shared small family earlier.  It seems that although the female Warcraft is very good on the court, there are still many ways to get along in front of the family. After all, the home is not the court, and it is not a dunk that can solve all problems.