Five taboos for healthy eating of hypertensive patients Do not eat too much edible fat: because the fat contains animal feces is particularly high, can be as high as 90. 8%, eating more fat can easily cause human feces to accumulate, the body is obese, blood lipids rise, resulting in arteriosclerosis, so long-term high blood Continue Reading

Computer family often drops eye drops several times without hurting the eyes Many office workers are sitting in front of a computer continuously for work needs, and their eyes are prone to eye fatigue and discomfort. As a result, many people will prepare a bottle of eye moisturizer around them, and when they have symptoms Continue Reading

Simple way to improve infant immunity After the baby is sick, parents and moms are always worried. In fact, if the parents can do more efforts to improve the baby’s immunity, it can improve the baby’s immunity and reduce the number of times the baby is sickThe chance of getting sick.   1 Try to breastfeed. Continue Reading

3-6 year old baby do not know how to do A loving child can live healthier and happier. If the baby does not even know the love and care of the dear parents, and does not know anything about the parents, the future life will be lonely and lonely. It’s not too late to correct Continue Reading

Tips for adolescent boys fighting “acne” How to effectively remove acne in adolescent boys. Tips 1. Wash your face properly. Many people are afraid that washing their face will wash away the precious sebum film. In fact, the oil on your face is constantly secreted, so you don’t have to worry about washing it away. Continue Reading

In summer, pay attention to diuresis and dampness, recommend three-medicine diet to strengthen the spleen and stomach In the summer, the weather is hot and the human body consumes more. Therefore, you should eat foods that are good for hydrating and soaking in the summer. This will strengthen the spleen and stomach. The following editors Continue Reading

Diet cures senile constipation Food therapy is especially effective for relieving constipation in the elderly. Cistanche, American ginseng, American ginseng nourishing qi and nourishing blood; walnuts, black sesame, pine nuts, plums and plums are oily and intestinal; sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yam and green vegetable carbohydrate cellulose; honey and banana stimulate intestinal peristalsis; radish, beansRelieving qi Continue Reading

Chocolate Love for Singles Knowing that his body needs more nutritious food, he chose a large piece of chocolate for his convenience. Robb from the United States? Iger tells you through personal experience that if you treat love like “filling with chocolate” and expect to be completely satisfied from your lover, then the squeeze and Continue Reading

Choose the cardio equipment that really suits you With the acceleration of the pace of life and the worsening of atmospheric pollution, people have become accustomed to moving aerobics indoors. For white-collar workers in most offices, work brings more stress and tension. At home or in the gym after work, sweating on aerobic equipment is Continue Reading

1 classic yoga moves to make legs slimmer Skinny legs, thin waist, these are the strong main items of yoga compared to other fitness methods. From my yoga stovepipe experience, almost every yoga action marked with thin legs can really makeThe legs get thinner and thinner. In this sense, I don’t think it is difficult Continue Reading