Hydrating Water Dangdang Sleeping Mask Q & A Guide: Sleeping mask can combine the mask with the night cream, which is a big savior for the lazy family. You can directly apply the mask to the face like a night cream, and you can sleep peacefully. The skin that rises early is like drinking water. Continue Reading

Follow 6 steps to mix girl and oil light say bye Introduction: The T zone is usually the hardest corner of the skin for mixed muscle mm. Especially now, when the sky is hot, the mixed muscle mm will become oily in the T zone and the cheeks will become dry. Oil control is not, Continue Reading

Eye protection smoked with chrysanthemum tea Computer eyes often feel tired, dry, tearing, and blurred vision. Therefore, it is very popular among white-collar workers to wear goggles and shades to relieve these discomforts. Xia Xiaobo, a doctoral supervisor in ophthalmology at Hunan Xiangya Hospital, said,Although these products have some short-term effects, there is no rigorous Continue Reading

Slimming Together With Yoga! Psychologists have found that exercising with friends is easier and more enjoyable than exercising alone. For office workers, it is often more difficult for a person to keep fit. If friends or couples go to the gym together, then they can both be partners and have a common language, and they Continue Reading

Arab style yoga pants DK-027 1 Market price: ¥ 188. 00 Product description Brand introduction: Bluebird Applicable people: Women’s goods Material: Cotton 100% Clothing size: One size Arabic style yoga pants, replacing high-grade cotton as pants fabric, 100% cotton, soft, sweat-absorbent, elegant style, bright color. The yoga pants are designed with bright flowers, dark flowers Continue Reading

Eat a pinch of pepper to cure cold Speaking of pepper, one cannot help reminding of its unique smell. As a condiment, people are familiar with it, but it is not well known that it can be used to dispel cold stomachs by smashing it with brown sugar water orally.   Chinese medicine believes that pepper Continue Reading

Strawberry nutrition depends on the profile? Strawberries are rich in vitamins and minerals. They contain up to 80 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams, far more than apples and pears. They also contain glucose, fructose, citric acid, malic acid, carotene, riboflavin, etc. These nutrients have a good effect on the growth and development of Continue Reading

Stay away from bad breath and stay fresh forever Bad breath is actually a disease, and many doctors attribute it to oral disease. There are many reasons for bad breath, some are caused by other diseases of the body, and some are caused by oral hygiene. No matter what the reason, bad breath is very Continue Reading

Etiquette and knowledge skills First, you must identify yourself when you speak. Anyone who speaks on any occasion has its own specific identity. This identity is also his “role group” at that time. For example, in your own family, you are a father or mother to your children, and you become a son or daughter Continue Reading

9 favorite health foods for Chinese medicine Introduction: Medicine and food are of the same origin. Therapeutic health is a unique health wisdom of Chinese ancestors. As early as the 5th century BC, the Zhou Dynasty had a “food doctor” position, specializing in diet nutrition and health care. The following are the “National Treasure” Chinese Continue Reading