Effects of Leeks on the Human Body How much do you know about the effect of leek on the human body? In our daily life, we can often see the chives on the dining table. Leeks can make a lot of different cuisines, for example: the chives box also has certain dumplings and the like. Continue Reading

Causes of child psychological disorders Data show that the incidence of psychological disorders among children in China is increasing year by year. Psychologists and sociologists analyze that children’s psychological obstacles are caused by the following factors: First, the only child living space is small. Due to the overprotection of parents, only children have fewer opportunities Continue Reading

Babies love sticky mothers should do this Parents who are new parents are often very worried. At some stage, the child will be particularly sticky. Even the mother must follow the toilet. What is going on? How to solve it? Now, Zhu Dongsheng, chief physician of the Department of Child Health, Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Continue Reading

Sinusitis is a folk diet therapy recipe (1) Ginger diced sauce[composition]30 grams of tender dandelion, 30 grams of tender purple diced. [Function indications]clearing heat and detoxifying, and purging. [Usage and Dosage]Wash dandelion and ground diced, add boiling water to boil and cook, cut into dipping sauce.   (2) Cocklebur tea[composition]6 grams of cocklebur, 6 grams of Continue Reading

Place warm water next to the computer to relieve dry eyes Office workers and some computer enthusiasts stare at the computer all day long. Eyes are particularly prone to dryness and discomfort. In fact, as long as you put a cup of hot water next to the computer, you can increase the surrounding humidity and Continue Reading

Long summer is best for spleen diet to help phlegm Right now in the late summer and early autumn, in the definition of Chinese medicine, the year is not the four seasons, but the spring, summer, long summer, autumn, winter five seasons. The summer of July and August of the solar calendar covers the summer Continue Reading

Eight “lethal” dangers of washing machines The washing machine is frequently used, which increases the burden on the machine operation, water pipes, electric pipes, etc., and the risk of danger during use is greater. Today I will tell you about the eight “fatal” dangers of using a washing machine.   1. Wash to the end with Continue Reading

Several UFA emollient and weight loss supplements The Spring Festival is here and it’s time to enjoy the food. From the 30-year-old reunion dinner to large and small parties, a rich feast is absolutely necessary. The temperature changes during the winter and spring seasons. How can I eat healthier? The editor of Life Family selects Continue Reading

Ingredients are smart, fresh, thawed, nutritional and delicious. Autumn is the harvest season. A lot of fresh ingredients are on the market, and housewives are bound to go to the supermarket to buy some. However, after buying more ingredients, the biggest problem is that you ca n’t finish eating in a short time. After long Continue Reading

Easily lead to divorce What kind of marriage is more likely to divorce? The teacher of marriage psychology pointed out that the following eight types of marriages are easy to break up and lead to divorce: Romantic-type marriages pursue romantic life and have high demands on the marriage life. I hope that the sweetness and Continue Reading