In her impression,Have a master with this speed,She has only seen one,There is a shadow of the old shadow。 I thought that this guy has two times.,I didn’t expect to actually strong the avenue.,Even she can feel。 other side……There seems to have no use of all combat power。 Off-site,The moon has already stayed。 Completely attached Continue Reading

Lu Haocheng was comforted by her for a while.,Just get up。 NS2024chapter Who let you do it? Blue Xin is lying in a soft bed,One side,You can see the sea outside the window,There are some winds in the wind,Craaved,One wave of shocks of the coast,There are very few people by the sea,Occasionally, couples and people Continue Reading

Um? Summer stunned,Ask,“Why isn’t it??” “I don’t know anything else.,But in commercial,I fight for so many years.,Self-active direct。” Breeze,Liu Qingqing saved the forehead of the forehead,Say,“Zhang Haoran came to Qinghai to seek partnership,What is the first to find a hundred flower group?” Although it is a question,But not let summer answer,Continue,“I have seen three times Continue Reading

I sleep until the night when Julan gets off work,Two women talking in the yard,So I woke up Wang Youcai。He rolled out of the bed,Sober yourself up,I walked out of Julan’s door in two steps。 It’s completely dark,The lights are on in the yard,Two women gossiping。Wang Youcai’s sudden appearance,Surprised Ju Lan。Obviously Xu Lihong didn’t tell Continue Reading

Let’s take this next for the system.,Shen Xuan is now used to it.。 But what is this so-called dark language?? at this point,Shen Xuan did not know。 But when Shen Xuan saw it clearly,quickly,Shen Xuan’s heart,In addition to shocking,http://www.haixingsujiao.cnI don’t know what to say.。 “Dark language proficiency,Can decipher some similar to Mes passwords,Triangle secret。” It Continue Reading

“There will be no next time.,I don’t want to surprised.,Mother, don’t worry, you can quickly raise it.”Quan Yi reveals a smile to the mother。 “Spring, you will be careful later.”Quanmei is still a bit worried。 “it’s okay no problem,Huizi will go out with me.”Spring will run away from Huizi.,He really can’t stand this atmosphere at Continue Reading

“Sickness?” The masters of watching are showing shocking colors.。 “Not forbearance,This is an abilities,Invisible!” Talking is Tenas,Delicate between the look,And reveal a fear。 Soon, Taklaif has found him.,That is to defeat him with this trick,If the non-captain shot,I am afraid that I have been killed by this person.。 Stealth? Everyone is all。 If Continue Reading

Now,She pointed to Zhang Feifei sharp teachings,“Zhang Feifei,You finished,You are dead……Uh!” Not finished,Face change,Flash in the eyes。 Because。 A step forward in the summer。 “Sorry,Impact the business of your hotel,I am leaving.。” Take a step,Summer first is the color of the middle-aged manager.,Continue to go out to go out。 See this,Liu Qingqing and Zhang Continue Reading

You know that dealing with a supernatural person often costs dozens of times,When the base is impacted,A preacher with two or three powers will bring great pressure to everyone,There are puppets in the base、Weapon and terrain advantages,Can’t take advantage,The street outside the guest house right now,Not only without any advantages,And there are a lot Continue Reading

“Long pool class leader,I will take a Tang boss.。” After Xiao Lin, I left Tang Ling.,Rui, personally, gave gold, gave a call.:“master,I am rude.。” “Long pool class!You’re back?” “Yesterday came back yesterday,master,Do you have time now??” “Long pool length, if something is something, I definitely have time.。” “Then I will come to the fairy Continue Reading