Subsequent Anji Road,“Let it go,Headquarters。”
First1897Chapter Don’t welcome you here
After leaving the mall。
Summer and Xianti have not stopped,Return to Plaza Hotel now。
I quickly saw Shadow and Chen Bing and others.。
Such a big thing,I can’t hurt them naturally.。
But there is not much explanation in the summer.,The first time is the injury in Xianti。
When I came back,He contains mysterious energy,The wound is not bleeding.。
“Summer,What should I do next??”
Xianti does not have a slightest and shame,Take off your clothes,Outlet smooth skin。
Just this smooth skin,From the back shoulder to the waist rib,There is a wound of deep cockroaches。
“How long does it take?,The eagle and cactus should come。”
Summer first is to disinfect her wound,Careful wing-wing gauze,At the same time,“My leader I know,Williams。”
Xian Tiyi。
Summer continues,“When I was founded in the world,Many masters have enamelted,Williams is one of them……”There is no talk about the rest.。
But between the look of the fanta is a hint of distress.。
Maybe only she is clear,Summer from one place to subvert the Gods organization,Established in the world,Become one of the nine hegens……He can go to today,It’s really not easy.。
I can even say that it is very difficult。
Not a peak of God,He really can be replaced。
Especially for his or a Chinese man,A foreigner。
At that time, the master was unclear.……And these challenges must be positive。
Among them, the danger is imagined.。
“Finally,Williams lost it.?”
Summer shink,Faint,“Not lose,Did not win,I have two defeatings with him.……That battle, very few people know,The strength of the guy is very strong。”
“You are stronger。”
Xianti did not hesitate,“I haven’t reached people yet.。”
Summer is sinking,Not self-satisfied,Say,“I almost exhausted the bottom card.,That battle,I am lying for a month to recover.。”
Xianti is not moving。
Summer is no longer going on this topic,At that year,Bitterness,No need to immerse。