Interview | Wang Shipeng: I do n’t want to rely on the men ‘s basketball hot search, I just want to do something practical
Wang Shipeng repeatedly “searched” during the World Cup.”This!In the second quarter of the “Slam Dunk” program photo for the past 20 days, Wang Shipeng has become a frequent visitor to “Shangshou”.Explaining the World Cup group match between the Chinese men’s basketball team and Poland, he took off the headset to greet the audience and cheered, and wept when he connected after the game.The basketball variety show “This!” Aired on Youku video last SundayIn the second season of “Slam Dunk”, “Cao Fang is angry and does not choose Wang Shipeng” has become a hot topic.Joining the show as a “mentor” is Wang Shipeng’s first cross-border attempt. In the face of the “too fierce” talk of the players and the program group, he does not intend to compromise.In an exclusive conversation with Sauna and Yewang, Wang Shipeng said: “When treating basketball, I will not change the serious style of being a player.”After retiring for more than three years, he has been explaining, doing youth training, and being a teacher, he wants to” do something solid for Chinese basketball. “”They all said I was too fierce” to participate in “This!The second season of “Slam Dunk” is Wang Shipeng’s first official cross-border entertainment circle.”The setting and venue of the entire program group are relatively new to me.”Every player has a different personality and treats them differently. This is a very fun experience.”Shipeng Wang (middle) guides the players on the show.”This!In the view of the slam dunk in the second season of the program team, in his view, he enjoys it and has fun, but after all, he is a professional basketball player, and some principles must be adhered to.”We know that variety requires a very good entertainment effect, but what I pass to the players, I shoot things outside the court, and play is no problem. As long as I arrive on the court and train with me, we must treat this as a real game.”Because he refused to make concessions, he sometimes even supported the players” to fight against the program team “. Wang Shipeng knew that he had established a” very fierce “person.”The player thinks I’m too fierce, the director thinks I’m too fierce, and the agent thinks I’m dressed too casually .” When the personal principles conflict with the expectations of the program crew, when the hard-fought former countryman becomes a variety showWhen the “primary school student” of the show, Wang Shipeng said “totally unsuitable” to the sauna and Yeewang, he felt aggrieved in a helpless tone.According to Wang Shipeng ‘s prediction, the players participating in the show come from all corners of the world, come from the street, college, or have a professional background. Since they come together, they are a team. “If you want to quickly pinch them together, you must have certain discipline and cohesion.I hope to be strict with them and produce combat power quickly.”Some players told Sauna and Yeewang that Wang Shipeng asked them to gather for the first 3 days of the recording, because he would take everyone to train; after each recording session, he would write a comment in the WeChat group for each selected handwriting, a messageIt accounts for most of the screen, and everyone is already commonplace.It was precisely because everyone saw the love for basketball that Wang Shipeng hoped to help them from the bottom of his heart.”As long as their original intention is good, they are willing to work hard on the court and obey me, so it will be much easier to manage them, including coaching them.”Professional players should pay more attention to youth basketball.” The Chinese men’s basketball team missed the top 16 of the World Cup, and basically lost the qualification for the Tokyo Olympics. For a time, it became the center of the storm of public opinion.Wang Shipeng used to “solo” the Slovenian men’s basketball team in the 2006 World Championships, and also reached the top eight of the Beijing Olympics with the Chinese men’s basketball team.During the preparation for the World Cup this year, he was very close to this Chinese men’s basketball team, so it is difficult to stand completely from the standpoint of bystanders.During the World Cup, he worked as an narrator, publishing an analysis of the game on social media, predicting, and cheering for the little brothers.The Chinese men’s basketball team lost to the Polish team. The topic of “Wang Shipeng crying” once appeared on the hot search. He also apologized for his “emotional collapse” and begged fans to understand and support the team.Losing to the Venezuelan team and missing the best time to qualify for the Olympics, he said bluntly in the commentary: “Did our young players see their gaps?Floating in the sky every day, when can you be down to earth?”At that point of time, this passage also caused heated debate.Wang Shipeng (right) was out of control during the live broadcast.During the interview last weekend, the criticism of the Chinese men’s basketball team has gradually subsided, and Wang Shipeng does not want to rely on this topic to push himself to the forefront.He is more used to digging into practical things, a kind of “fire camp” basketball training camp that has been doing well for 9 years.”We are paying too much attention at the tip of the pyramid, and no one is paying attention to it.”If the people below lay the foundation well, the building will be built again.”There are more talents under the pyramid, and our talent selection in the national team will be much better.”Wang Shipeng joined youth basketball before retiring. At that time, the domestic youth training was not on the right track, but he persevered and saw that everything is developing in a good direction.” More and more children like basketball and hope to enter.The court, I hope to play basketball.They have very good appeals and intentions, and all of us once national team players should help them.”Wang Shipeng has been engaged in basketball youth training for many years.”This!It’s the slam dunk’s second season program for Wang Shipeng’s opposition to “floating in the sky”, arousing the attention of professional players and youth training.”A relatively simple example, in the United States, every weekend, the school organizes a variety of games. The coach is the child’s parent, and the parent may be a professional basketball player. They take their children’s team out to play. These are actually usCan do it.”It is not new for professional players to run training camps, and in Wang Shipeng’s view, it is what professional players really need to do to be able to teach by example.”During your rest time, give more time to the children, take the children to training, and take a child is the same as a school child.So this simple example tells us that ‘no time, no oxidant’ is an excuse, depending on what you want to do.”” The basketball talent pool should be expanded to schools. “Wang Shipeng now has another identity-Associate Professor of Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education.After retiring, he chose to enter the campus, “I can take the most common basketball class, school team, the entire men’s and women’s basketball team, I can be responsible, you can ask me if you have any questions, this is what I really want to do in school.”As for the reason, he sighed first.” Too many people who teach track and field and those who lift weights teach basketball. This is something I don’t really want to see.Contributing to Chinese basketball, I hope to do something real and down-to-earth, not just talking.”Shipeng Wang hopes that the campus can cultivate talents for Chinese basketball.”This!”Slam Dunk” in the second season of the program team is a picture of the teacher. Wang Shipeng also noticed that he “charged” himself to go to Serbia, Lithuania, the United States and other basketball powers to learn about the basketball education system from primary school to university.In 2017, he went to the hometown of mentor Yunas to learn lessons, and visited the school with the retired “old man”.”After watching the training, (Yunas) invited all the young coaches to drink beer in the evening. When drinking beer, tell these coaches how to practice at age 8, how to practice at age 10, and how to practice at age 12.How precious is the coach.”In the school, Wang Shipeng teaches lessons, leads the team to train, and prepares scouting reports personally when preparing for CUBA, in order to keep up with professional teams.” What I want to feed back to them is that the coaches are preparing the game so seriously, the playersIt should be treated well.Let them know that the real game requires analysis, preparation, strategy and presence to be a complete game.”Wang Shipeng (middle) has very high demands on the players.”This!This is the photo for the second season of “Slam Dunk 2”. “Our talent pool should be expanded to the school well.””The development of China’s campus basketball in recent years is obvious to all. Wang Shipeng believes that we should gradually expand the talent reserve channel as an opportunity.This also puts forward higher requirements for the quality of school basketball training-“You can really train and play like a professional team in order to live the life of a basketball player for four years in college.”I have read previous reports that last year American college sports revenue was 14 billion (USD). We can think about it. This is actually a big market, not just basketball, other projects should invest more energy into it.”Go to campus, “Wang Shipeng saw the potential of campus and hoped to work hard to open up a new talent pool for Chinese basketball.”Sports, sports, and education, this is the best interpretation of sports.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Chen Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Wei Zhuo