FIFA invites Brazilian model to submit Hercules Cup Gisele Bundchen has not agreed
Brazil’s world-class supermodel Gisele Bunchen has accepted the FIFA (FIFA) invitation to submit the Hercules Cup for the Brazil World Cup, but Bunchen has not yet accepted this invitation.Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen (data map) Gisele Bundchen’s sister Patricia Bonson confirmed that her sister received an invitation letter, but it is unclear whether the top model will be available to Rio de Janeiro.Patricia said: “We did receive the invitation, but I don’t know if her schedule is open.Gisele must return to Brazil at the end of June, there is an event to participate, but I do not know whether she can stay in Brazil until the end of the World Cup.”For this news, the Brazilian media joked that even if Brazil cannot win the championship at least, there is at least one Brazilian who can touch the Hercules Cup.  Gisele Bundchen has done a lot to promote the World Cup in Brazil. In addition to sponsorship advertisements, the cover of the latest edition of “Fashion” magazine in Brazil is her photo with the Brazilian national team forward Neymar.