[How to make whole grain buns]_How to do_How to do

Multi-grain buns are a very common food in people’s daily life. It even tastes great, and its nutritional content is very high. It has many benefits for the human body.

For example, it can improve the human body’s immunity, condition the human’s stomach, or detoxify the skin.

Multi-grain buns are a very popular food. People will think about making some food in daily life, and then let’s introduce the method of multi-grain buns in detail.

Method one: Step 1 Weigh each kind of powder well and stir well.

Step 2 Mix the yeast with warm water and sprinkle it evenly into the flour. Step 3 Add water or milk to knead the smooth dough and ferment it in about one hour. It will be doubled in about one hour. Then take it out and knead the air holes.Minutes, then pick it up and rub out the air holes, just fine!

I made half of the noodles and made steamed buns. Step 4 When the dough is fermented, make the filling, wash and shred the cabbage, sprinkle some salt, let it stand for half an hour, and squeeze the excess water from the cabbage. This step is veryImportant, if the cabbage is not pickled, the buns can be bad. Step 5: The filling can be adjusted according to your own taste. Because of the high blood sugar, pay more attention to nutrition. Eat more white meat, less red meat, more vegetables, less meat and less starch.The beef, corn, carrot, and cabbage stuffing made in this step. Step 6: The steamed buns are cooked on the steamer, cold water, and steamed for 20 minutes after the water is turned off. Do not open the lid. Leave the steamed buns in the steamer for another 5 minutes.7 My noodles are made into buns and half are made into steamed buns. Step 8 The steamed bread is also very good. Eating more coarse grains can help reduce sugar. Method 2: Step 1 Mix the white noodles, corn noodles and water, yeast and knead the dough into a warm placeFermentation step 2 After the fermentation is 2 times larger, take out the exhaust and knead round Step 3 Stir the various materials together and mix them evenly to make a bun filling Step 4 Sprinkle some flour on the flour, knead the dough into long strips Step 5 put in, etc.Evenly divided,大If it ‘s small, roll it round and roll it into thick noodles on both sides. Step 7 Wrap the right amount of filling. Step 8 Wrap the filling with the dough. Step 9 Seal without filling. Step 10Put in a steamer, boil water over high heat and turn to medium heat for 15 minutes.

Wait for 2-3 minutes before turning off the fire.

Tips for Multigrain Buns Bread machine is really a gospel for lazy people. When making stuffing, mix the flour in proportion to the bread machine. My ratio is 50g each of 4 kinds of grains + 250g of whole wheat flour + 3g of yeast +150ml of water, wait for the filling to be done, and the noodles will be ready, you can open the bag, saving time and effort!

Remember, if the dough is wet from the bread maker, take out some whole wheat flour and knead it to make it smooth, so that the dough is more energetic.