“Boy,Mad。”The sound of the righteousness came from,He stood in the east side of the fire auction house pointed at Lin Feng and laughed.。
“Raptors, you are waiting to bow.。”Lin Feng looked at the Raulong Road,His figure is stronger,Come to the three meters away from those original stones。
“12、15、20Three original stones。”
Lin Feng directly shouted these three original stones.,12、15、20It is the number on the signage,Represents numbers of three original stones。
“Ha ha,it is good!”Hong Hai Wen Yan Haha smiled,Directly move this three original stones。
This scene makes many people amazed.,Both the inner do people know that they are to judge the way they use the stone.,This is extremely difficult,They also thought that Lin Feng needs to stand outside of three meters for a long time.,But I can’t http://www.sdminker.cn think of Lin Feng directly.。
Dongxing,Raptors are amazed,Even Nagawa Luo Sakuo also looked up Lin Feng。
Pu Xi is even more eyebrows, staring at these original stones.。
“Be awkward!”Just then the sound of 咔嚓,Hong Hai is a slap in a piece of original stone。
Suddenly this original stone quarter-fractal,The colorful light is in the empty,A crystal emerald emergency,This jade is very special。
Have five color composition,Naturally fused together,Mutual,Colorful light。
“Chicken is red!”
“Nine-five glazed gold!”
“Emperor green!”
“Old pit glass species violet!”
“Blue sky!”
“wipe,This is the legendary colorful god!”
“good,This is the legendary colorful god!”
“The ancient book records,There is a prince to collect a stone in the past.,This kind of stone is unlocked, the colorful gods http://www.fuzuweb.cn have emerged.,It seems to be this jade。”
“I thought it was a human being.,But I can’t think of this is true.。”
“Of course it is true,No one knows how to form。”
“Unfortunately, the block is a little small.。”
“Yes,Unfortunately, it is too small.,If these five emerald are cut out,Also sell1000More than 10,000。”
“Your sister,Who will cut the sale?,These five jade combines,The rays of the rays are like the colorful gods in myth.,Value,Who will be stupid to sell,At least worth1Billion。”
Many onlookers have,Each holds different opinions。
The face of the Raptors is a bit ugly,He is a hipster,Nature know the value of this jade,It’s worth election。
The look of Puxi Jing is more dignified.。
“This colorful god of light I first booked,I bid2Billion,Gamble,I am old township and you.,Nanling,Old hometown, http://www.jogjog.cn see the old township brothers tears。”At this time, there was a sound of snoring.,This is a young man。
Young man is holding a smoke,The eyebrows have a solid temperament,Wear a windbrow。
“it is good!”Lin Feng heard on the stage looking at young man laughing:“Give you after the end。”
“Thank you。”Young man grinning。
Everyone has,3000Wan’s original stone,Directly to sell it out2Hundred million high prices,This is too crazy.。