What Xia Jian never expected was,Such a powerful man,His daughter turned out to be Guan Tingna。But this Guan Tingna works everywhere,Still his employee。It’s incredible。
“dad!I worked in Guan Shilin’s company a few years ago,No less angry with him。And his son relies on his father’s reputation,Harass me boldly in the company。I was forced to leave,Unexpectedly tonight,She actually moved me on the street”
Guan Tingna spoke at this time,This scared Huang Shilin and his son。
First2353chapter Pretend to be son-in-law
Guan Nan’s face suddenly changed,Sternly asked:“Huang Shilin!This thing is true?”
“General Guan!All dogs have eyes but don’t know Taishan,He didn’t expect Tingna to be your daughter,If he knew,He has ten guts,He dare not do this to Tingna”Huang Shilin lowered,The prestige just now swept away。
Huang Gui was even more frightened,He couldn’t think of it,Guan Tingna has such a great dad,She even went outside to work。If this is his,I can’t spend enough money while lying at home。
Guan Tingna said with a cold snort:“Huang Gui!What do you say tonight?This place is also your appointment,I think we still have a happy break”
“Tingna!Don’t be angry。Huang Gui has been beaten up by your boyfriend,I feel angry for you。You just read about this relationship between me and your dad,Just let him go!”Huang Shilin said to Guan Tingna sincerely。
Guan Nan glanced at Huang Gui,Took another look at Xia Jian,Can’t help laughing and saying:“Can lad!Looks like you are good at it?”
“This guy bullies people on the street,I didn’t hold back for a while,Just beat him twice”Xia Jian smiled slightly,Said to Guan Nan in a loud voice。
Guan Nan clapped his hands and said:“Good beating!How can my Guannan daughter be bullied casually。If i was touched by me,I don’t http://www.qkwng.cn want to break his leg”
“Guan, rest assured!This will never happen again。Give it to General Guan and Tingna Daoqian”Guan Shilin lowered his head,Crouched and said。
Huang Gui at this time,Frustrated。He bowed,Like a poor shrimp。He lowered his voice and said:“Sorry Mr. Guan!Sorry Tingna”
“Huang Shilin!This time I think it’s on your face,Forget it tonight,If there is another next time。Don’t even think about becoming your general manager,I will repair your son myself”Guan Nan’s face changed suddenly,The sound is cold like ice。
Huang Shilin said hurriedly:“I know Mr. Guan!Thank you Mr. Guan!We go now”Guan Nan didn’t speak anymore,But waved。
Huang Shilin glared at Huang Gui,Which bodyguards with him,Get into the car in panic。