Why do you like to sing “museum” in love songs?丨 Night ask
The elements of the poster come from the movie “Dream of Paris”.Answer: A / B / C May 18 is International Museum Day. In order to call people to pay attention to the museum and expand its social impact, the International Museum Association (ICOM) initiated and founded this festival in 1977.Since then, there have been different themes each year, and this year ‘s theme is “Museums dedicated to equality: diversity and inclusion.”This year’s theme demonstrates the museum’s very important characteristics: diverse and inclusive.You can see different regions and cultures of different countries at the same time in the museum.In addition, the Chinese character “博” also has the meaning of earth and things, including everything.The museum contains the past and present of mankind, which will enable future generations to be educated and better inherit the culture.Many literary and artistic creations have the shadow of the museum. The painter will paint the museum. The writer will fantasize about the story in the museum. The film director will become the protagonist to interact in the museum and make contact.For example, in “Dream of Paris” let the three protagonists run across the Louvre, and they pay tribute to the earlier movie “The Judge”, the protagonist in it took 9 minutes 45 seconds to cross the Louvrepalace.The three young men in “Dream of Dreams” ran beyond the route of “The Lawless”, 17 seconds faster than their predecessors.Young people are running in a museum full of history, just one through history and into the future.Many singers also have “museums” in their songs, which appear in love songs.Because the museum is a good choice for couples in modern times, it can not only reflect the taste, but also find the interests of both parties in it.Faye Wong sang “I don’t want to live in a museum / I just want to go there for a stroll / exhibition / Haikushiwan” in “You Like It or Not I Like It”.”Ai Yiliang sang in” Dependency “,” The party went from Jamaica to Ibiza / Museum / Frowning / Can’t leave your wild.”Yu Wenle used many and many intentions in” The Broken Relationship Museum “, comparing the space where the two live together to a museum, which is full of various items that can be exchanged for the two.In order to restore the lovers who broke up, the lyrics sing “Return to see / still leave half a sofa for you / or one day you come back / willing to fall in love with the museum director.”Author Wu Longzhen proofreading Zhao Lin