“Such very well。” Say!The old man is chasing the scholar left.。 Lin lives this is not anxious,Down window,Staring along the street to the book。 Not for a while,Dress up the beautiful A raccoon coming in。 With the shake people,Hook all the men’s soul in the whole teahouse。 It walked to the forest,Sit next to,Double-eyed veins。 Continue Reading

Subsequent Anji Road,“Let it go,Headquarters。” First1897Chapter Don’t welcome you here After leaving the mall。 Summer and Xianti have not stopped,Return to Plaza Hotel now。 I quickly saw Shadow and Chen Bing and others.。 Such a big thing,I can’t hurt them naturally.。 But there is not much explanation in the summer.,The first time is the injury Continue Reading

“no problem,but” 冴 冴 獠,The color is very high-spirited to the wild skirt:“Remuneration,I have promised to me every time.,The result has been creditular to the present,I won’t be in this time.!by cash,Take the previous account,Don’t give good people!” “I am no problem.,There is no problem now.,but you” Wild, scorpion, smirk,In the sight,After 冴 冴, it Continue Reading

At this moment,Shen Xuan is very calm。 After all, these things,In fact, the impact of Shen Xuan,Not so big。 but,In front of Shen Xuan,Anguo’s heart,It is very urgent。 Especially now,Seeing Shen Xuan still so calm,Is Agua deficiency?。 “Shen Xuan,What is the situation now?,Why are you still so calm??” “Don’t you know,What happened to the end??” Continue Reading

“After putting it back,what to do?” Now,Jiang Xiaotao is already 100% trust Shen Xuan。 How to say Shen Xuan,Jiang Xiaote thinking how to do。 In fact, now,Shen Xuan wonders carefully。 In fact, the next,No matter what,For Shen Xuan,It’s http://www.tj-alt.cn a good thing to do.。 now,Shen Xuan knew these,The mouth is even more light and free.。 Continue Reading

Summer is not available,“You let me leave,It is for me?Hey,You can really deceive people。” Say,He refers to Su Xiao and Luo Wen and others.,“I am leaving,where are they?I think you are specially left to the chance to retaliate.?” “you……” Be discounted,Li Jing’s face immediately became angry。 “okay,Zijin member is。” Summer is no chance to give Continue Reading

Han Jin let the assistant go out first,And he looked at Yi Wei,“Raining,I know that you are very sad in these days.,I disappointed you.,I know that you will be unhappy.,Sorry,I will not be in the future.。 Also,Raining,Thank you for paying these years.,Thank you for your payment of your home.,But now I just want to tell Continue Reading

“Master Lu quickly invite our friends!”Zhao Ping shouted,He was chatting with Guo Yinzhe on the side,I heard Feng Xichuan explain“L-Y-1-1”The spelling of, sent out a friend invitation…… Lu Yi agreed to friend applications one by one,I http://www.zzchenyang.cn met a few people in the lobby of the game。There is almost no difference between their appearance and Continue Reading

…… Half an hour later,O Sheng carried Chen Xiu safely to Australia Island,Successfully sent the zombie’s broken arm to the new experimental base。 Because of the lab relocation,Research has http://www.paulight.cn been delayed for two days,Li Lili got the broken arm and didn’t have time to take care of them both,Immediately engaged in research with the Continue Reading

“Boy,Mad。”The sound of the righteousness came from,He stood in the east side of the fire auction house pointed at Lin Feng and laughed.。 “Raptors, you are waiting to bow.。”Lin Feng looked at the Raulong Road,His figure is stronger,Come to the three meters away from those original stones。 “12、15、20Three original stones。” Lin Feng directly shouted these Continue Reading