And next,If you want to try it, you want to try it.,So now,Can be performed at any time。 Before you,At this moment,Warrior of other war temple,Suddenly come。 “The patriarchal,We themselves,Can’t fall to lightly。” “This look,Let’s everyone,You can start at any time.。” “If now,Really said something,So next,Let’s everyone,It can continue。” With these people,You have said Continue Reading

Chen Xiu ran to open the door,Rushed into the three big guys immediately,Casual clothes,The two behind are in police uniforms。 “Raise hand、Hold your head、Do not move on the ground!”The man in casual clothes shouted:“I suspect you are selling illegally……” Look at the two men in the room,Changed his words again:“Plus a group of people to Continue Reading

“I did not participate,Just came out of Sheng Guangda’s ward。”Li Tianzhen’s generous seat,“Blue instructor,I just say a few words,Convenient?” “What’s the inconvenience,Chat with your master and apprentice,too late,I should go back to rest too。”Lan Ling finally recovered his usual coldness,Turn around and gently close the door and leave。 “how do you feel?”Li Tianzhen suddenly lost Continue Reading

Lin Feng snorted:“Direct dagger when necessary,Kill those high-level,Thunderi iron sheet must be taken,You are soft,If you lose your life is your own。” He has seen history,That riot,I don’t know how many Huaxia people die.,Those people have committed the crime of heinous。 “I see,Maple,We have passed。”Li Wei god heard the head:“rest assured,I will not have soft Continue Reading

“Oh oh!”Dream is soft and low, a few times,Dare to lift Yuxi。 Le Zhenxi saw her 鹌 鹌,Sudden laugh,Feeling a good mood。 Blue Xin has started to package dumplings.。 See Le Zhenxi coming in,Lan Xin has been packaged for more than a dozen dumplings.。 “Xi Xi,After a minute, the dumplings,I go first,A Cheng came to Continue Reading

“All right!Let’s stop,Can’t fight every year。This makes other people in the village laugh at us。Moreover,We are no longer the hairy boys,Not to mention everyone is a cadre,You said that the New Year’s Eve led people to fight,This effect is not good”Xia Jian patiently persuaded Chen Erniu。 Chen Erniu let out a sigh of relief,He shouted Continue Reading

“amount……In the newspaper?dad,You’re kidding?I do have an interview recently……But the newspaper is not possible!” Fang Yu muttered。 “Going on TV?Son, you’re good!” Fang Deyun sighed。 “Actually nothing……That is to discuss medical matters。”Fang Yu said to himself。 “No more,Let me tell your mother about this……She must be happy!” Fang Deyun finished。 Hung up! “dad……” Continue Reading

“Since this is the case,What else do we need to spend here?” “Want me to say,you all,Hurry up and prepare,Let’s hurry up!” When Sun He said these words,Those around,Nodded again and again。 Such a thing,That’s pretty good。 So next,In fact, deep in the hearts of those around you,Treat these things,On the contrary, I came Continue Reading

And each other is“v5”Ji Ji adult,The level is much higher than me.,Do you know if you have hope??” “Head of the head,what are you talking about,I just asked her name.,There is no other idea for her.。” Bell was toned to his face,But the innocent teenager thinks that I just like,Can’t help but appear a Continue Reading

Just,Chen Bing’s scorpion has emerged a shock color.,Hurry down,Tropical to hide your own。 No wonder they have to kill them in summer.。 It turned out to be the beginning of the Harkun Village tragedy.。 Others may not know this matter,But how can Chen Bing not know?。 Not only her,But a little identity,Most have heard Continue Reading