“No matter how capable,Nor is Coach Zhao your opponent。” Zhao Ling heard what Zhao Di said,Flattering。 “Humph!That is normal。” “Kid,I am the cultivation base of the late Huang level。” “If you don’t want to die so ugly,Give you a chance,Abolish my cultivation now,Kneel down and beg for mercy,I can spare you,otherwise,I shot,Then you have to Continue Reading

After listening,Countless people shed tears。 Involving the deepest maternal love,Almost no one will not be moved。 Even if it is an English song,The affection contained in it,Full of deep memory of my mother,People can hear it。 and so《Straw Hat Song》No doubt on fire。 Just three days,From the rankings of major music sites,Soaring all the way,Became Continue Reading

Shen Zhiyue squinted his eyes before leaving:“Your Highness,I also kindly remind you,Now is the best time to join forces with me。Your Highness is going to act,You wait and see。” Brother Liang felt a cold sweat,He is pale。In the play,He should be scared,After all, the princess is not a vegetarian,If you offend the princess,Finally can’t eat Continue Reading

“Or Kobe and Iverson forged a deep friendship in China,That’s why Kobe wants to pull Iverson to take care of the last year?Anyway, Kobe will retire soon!” Such thoughts,Is very marketable in the United States。 But Kobe and Iverson didn’t care about that much at all,They have been training desperately all summer,Vowed to get a Continue Reading

Like a young newcomer like her,Three albums released in two years,Can be described as extremely diligent。 The last singer like this,Have to go back to20Years ago,It’s time for the music scene to flourish。 The current music scene,Most people play one or two popular songs first,Then go everywhere to make money,To be famous,Then start advertising…… (Meteor Continue Reading

He is about to turn around and go home to get the money,Suddenly a dark shadow flashed under my feet。Someone!Shen Zhiyue’s mind rang the alarm,Maybe the handwriting of the short circuit is from this shadow。Why cut the line?,It looks like you want to steal the cable.。 Shen Zhiyue first pretended to be nonchalant and walked Continue Reading

Especially in the seats,Tang Yuan’s wife Ye Qian looked up and down Wang Zhen’s expression,It even made her blush。 Tang Yuan coughed slightly,Clicked his wife’s foot under the table,She just restrained a little。 At the dinner table,Tang Yuan not only asked Shen Huan this yearNBAThings,Also asked《Yearning life》。 As this year’s phenomenal super popular variety show,《Yearning Continue Reading

Are only in the legend。 one day,Suddenly someone you know very well,It’s on par with the legendary person,Then you will definitely disagree。 There is a saying:Stay away,This is the truth。 Jordan has a huge fan base,we can even say,Like basketball,Can be regarded as Jordan fans。 This is the first time Xu Xuan has been defeated Continue Reading

“Hurt yourself first?” “Is he trying to hurt himself,Then come to touch porcelain,Said he was injured by us?” “This is too cruel to myself?” “Touch porcelain?But there is surveillance at the gate of the community!” “can not read it!Really don’t understand!”Even the knowledgeable security captain is full of doubts,“I lived in my forties,Shake people like Continue Reading

In other words,The Mandarin now doubts,His chess piece is useless,The North sent a Qin Shi to replace himself。 If you think so,Everything makes sense。 “It seems,My old bone,They look down on。” The Mandarin smiled and shook his head。 “If it is so,Then I have nothing to do。” Wan Zonghua frowned,He has been with Mandarin for Continue Reading