Four points to keep in mind for the elderly in summer health In the hot summer, the hot summer is unbearable. Air conditioning, cold drinks, cold fruits, hair dryers, sweating, lack of sleep, poor appetite, excessive physical exertion, etc., will damage the health of the human body and reduce its function. In particular, due to Continue Reading

Just urinating and want to urinate may be a sign of diabetes When I urinate, I always feel that my urine is not clean, and I want to go to the toilet after a while, which is very distressing. In addition to urinary tract infections, you should also consider the possibility of diabetes.   Long-term increase Continue Reading

How to make gelatin cake? Today we are going to learn about gelatin cake, which is made from gelatin. Ejiao cake has a series of effects such as nourishing blood and beauty, improving human immunity and improving sleep quality. Then let’s take a look at the practice of gelatin cake together!   Ingredients for gelatin cake: Continue Reading

Peanut fried chicken Efficacy: suitable for people working in low temperature environment, 15 grams of white sugar, 15 grams of cooking wine, 20 grams of starch (corn), 2 grams of salt, 2 grams of pepper, 75 grams of peanut oil. Features: golden color, crisp outside and tender.   Practice: 1. Wash the turkey breast first and Continue Reading

Hard summer camp is not hot this year The first vacation has arrived, and a variety of summer camps have come out: study abroad summer camps, English summer camps, parent-child summer camps, technology summer camps, psychological summer camps, and even remote summer camps on the Internet. However, on a long list, hard-working summer camps and Continue Reading

5 beautiful push hands make beauty feel more effective Is your skin, hair, body and spirit ready before getting into the quilt and waking up to sleep? A perfect beauty sensation is actually “premeditated” about 1 hour before falling asleep! These “pushing hands” can help you enter deep sleep quickly and comfortably, and win an Continue Reading

Rescue insomnia and torment, and return your dreams There are many reasons for insomnia, which can be summed up in the following aspects: First, spiritual factors: fast pace of modern life, fierce competition, and various contradictions gradually increase, making people’s mental situation in a certain high tension state, itAnxiety, depression, neurosis, etc. continue to occur, Continue Reading

8 kinds of autumn fruits let you eat and moisturize your skin Here comes autumn, dry throat and dry skin. In particular, women who love beauty are prone to many skin problems, such as lack of water, acne, and dullness. Women should cope with autumn dryness “from the inside to the outside”. In addition to Continue Reading

Lose weight and eat four medicated meals for you “Angel-like face, devil-like figure” is the biggest dream of every woman. Look at the weight loss advertisements on the street on TV and know that modern women are aware of slimming. However, remember that slimming should not be blind. To slim and to be healthy, choose Continue Reading

If you want to change jobs, you need to find the “springboard” Participate in “short-term employment training”: Take the IT industry as an example. Experts suggest that participation in academic education, certification training, and short-term training are all methods of transitioning to IT talents. For example, certification training is suitable for on-the-job personnel, because certification Continue Reading