How to make gelatin cake? Today we are going to learn about gelatin cake, which is made from gelatin. Ejiao cake has a series of effects such as nourishing blood and beauty, improving human immunity and improving sleep quality. Then let’s take a look at the practice of gelatin cake together!   Ingredients for gelatin cake: Continue Reading

Ingredients are smart, fresh, thawed, nutritional and delicious. Autumn is the harvest season. A lot of fresh ingredients are on the market, and housewives are bound to go to the supermarket to buy some. However, after buying more ingredients, the biggest problem is that you ca n’t finish eating in a short time. After long Continue Reading

9 favorite health foods for Chinese medicine Introduction: Medicine and food are of the same origin. Therapeutic health is a unique health wisdom of Chinese ancestors. As early as the 5th century BC, the Zhou Dynasty had a “food doctor” position, specializing in diet nutrition and health care. The following are the “National Treasure” Chinese Continue Reading

Chocolate Love for Singles Knowing that his body needs more nutritious food, he chose a large piece of chocolate for his convenience. Robb from the United States? Iger tells you through personal experience that if you treat love like “filling with chocolate” and expect to be completely satisfied from your lover, then the squeeze and Continue Reading

Beautiful legs yoga sculpture sculpture shapely model legs In winter, we not only need to strengthen the maintenance of your face, but your legs can’t be ignored. Although we can wrap our legs tightly in winter, what should your legs look like when summer comes? It’s better to practice beautiful leg yoga now and get Continue Reading

The body hides many diseases Foot pain? The body hides many diseases Foot pain may always be as simple as continuous walking or complications. The American Football Association (APMA) reminds you that you must not take this lightly when faced with this situation. Some foot pains, especially those that last days or even weeks, are Continue Reading

锘? Liposuction gives you health and beauty In today’s world, obesity has become a global problem. Excessive obesity leads to a bloated body that lacks aesthetics. To a certain extent, it also affects the mental state of people. The medical profession has proved that obesity is closely related to heart, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Continue Reading

锘? “There is a star in the drama” is 80, some people “step into the old age”, but she is young and persistent After 00, the army officially entered the university. After 90 years, it began to prevent baldness, maintain health, and keep warm the cup. After 80, like the once “rebellious” generation, it has Continue Reading

锘? Ten self-comforts make happiness last a lifetime Why bother to lose the present mood for painful remorse. Occasional interruptions are also necessary, but endless repetitions only add to the troubles. They can only show their incompetence to others. Repetition is a fatal negative attitude. Once your repetition becomes a bad habit, life will beThere Continue Reading