Just urinating and want to urinate may be a sign of diabetes When I urinate, I always feel that my urine is not clean, and I want to go to the toilet after a while, which is very distressing. In addition to urinary tract infections, you should also consider the possibility of diabetes.   Long-term increase Continue Reading

Long summer is best for spleen diet to help phlegm Right now in the late summer and early autumn, in the definition of Chinese medicine, the year is not the four seasons, but the spring, summer, long summer, autumn, winter five seasons. The summer of July and August of the solar calendar covers the summer Continue Reading

Arab style yoga pants DK-027 1 Market price: ¥ 188. 00 Product description Brand introduction: Bluebird Applicable people: Women’s goods Material: Cotton 100% Clothing size: One size Arabic style yoga pants, replacing high-grade cotton as pants fabric, 100% cotton, soft, sweat-absorbent, elegant style, bright color. The yoga pants are designed with bright flowers, dark flowers Continue Reading

In summer, pay attention to diuresis and dampness, recommend three-medicine diet to strengthen the spleen and stomach In the summer, the weather is hot and the human body consumes more. Therefore, you should eat foods that are good for hydrating and soaking in the summer. This will strengthen the spleen and stomach. The following editors Continue Reading

Pregnant woman qi and nourishing recipe: ball fish and mutton soup Ingredients for ball of fish and mutton soup: 1000 g of ball of fish (boiled fish), 50 g of apples, 500 g of mutton Seasoning: ginger, MSG 5 g each, 6 g salt, pepper 0 5 grams of practice: 1. The ball of fish Continue Reading

Do you know about menstrual irregular loofah diet therapy? Chinese herbal medicine books record that loofah has a flat taste and sweetness, has the effects of meridian, blood circulation, cooling blood detoxification. The ancients believed that the old loofah was full of tendons, similar to the meridian of the human body. Therefore, the old loofah’s Continue Reading

锘? Great cold Chinese New Year to drink a variety of porridge Great cold Chinese New Year to drink a variety of porridge. “Great cold and cold, killing pigs for the New Year. “The Great Cold is the last solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, and it is also the coldest period of the Continue Reading

锘? How to clean up the hair that can’t be washed at home When cleaning the room, the most troublesome thing is the hair that can never be wiped out, especially some sanitary corners, such as under the sofa, under the closet, in the sewer, there is a lot of hair accumulation. 銆€銆€Hair is actually Continue Reading

锘? Efficient maintenance methods for stealing goddesses, lazy MM can also be transformed into a goddess The skin of many female stars is smooth and white, beautiful like a picture, enviable. Everyone knows that the stars are busy and rushing around, and the time for skin care and maintenance is poor. Why can we keep Continue Reading