8 kinds of autumn fruits let you eat and moisturize your skin Here comes autumn, dry throat and dry skin. In particular, women who love beauty are prone to many skin problems, such as lack of water, acne, and dullness. Women should cope with autumn dryness “from the inside to the outside”. In addition to Continue Reading

Easily lead to divorce What kind of marriage is more likely to divorce? The teacher of marriage psychology pointed out that the following eight types of marriages are easy to break up and lead to divorce: Romantic-type marriages pursue romantic life and have high demands on the marriage life. I hope that the sweetness and Continue Reading

Eat a pinch of pepper to cure cold Speaking of pepper, one cannot help reminding of its unique smell. As a condiment, people are familiar with it, but it is not well known that it can be used to dispel cold stomachs by smashing it with brown sugar water orally.   Chinese medicine believes that pepper Continue Reading

Tips for adolescent boys fighting “acne” How to effectively remove acne in adolescent boys. Tips 1. Wash your face properly. Many people are afraid that washing their face will wash away the precious sebum film. In fact, the oil on your face is constantly secreted, so you don’t have to worry about washing it away. Continue Reading

20 new recruits that impressed bosses in the workplace Each of us working hard in the workplace wants our work to win recognition from our colleagues. Boss affirmation and rising position in the company. Think about it, what else do you plan to do here? In order to achieve this step, we will always take Continue Reading

Often massage the prostate for inflammation that doesn’t bother you “Massaging the prostate by yourself at home can treat chronic prostatitis. In a recent interview, reporters heard many patients say this. Can prostate massage be done at home? Zhang Yaqiang, chief physician of urology at Guang’anmen Hospital of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes Continue Reading

锘? The weather is getting colder and colder: don’t scream for health, but the body is light. “Recently, high blood pressure, scalp tingling, a little dizzy, always black in front of me.” Yesterday, someone came to consult with buckwheat. In the impression, the person with the problem of blood pressure is not the first flower, Continue Reading

锘? Health care must know that these diseases should be the most important in the early autumn. The weather in late summer and early autumn is hot and reveals a trace of coolness. In the morning, I feel the coolness of the bursts, and by noon, the sun makes people feel hot and difficult to Continue Reading

锘? Three types of weight loss acceleration cheats By looking at the genetic factors of 1,500 Orientals, the result is that 75% are apple-shaped, Sydney-shaped, and banana-shaped. There are more women in Sydney, and more men in apple shape. There are also three less complex types, Sydney + apple, Sydney + banana, apple + banana. Continue Reading