[How to make radish babies]_ making methods _ practice Daquan When you eat radish, you mainly eat the radish roots. What you don’t know is that the radish leaves can also be eaten. Presumably everyone should have smelled the unique scent of radish. The scent on the radish leaves will be more intense, so those Continue Reading

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Eat a pinch of pepper to cure cold Speaking of pepper, one cannot help reminding of its unique smell. As a condiment, people are familiar with it, but it is not well known that it can be used to dispel cold stomachs by smashing it with brown sugar water orally.   Chinese medicine believes that pepper Continue Reading

Tips for adolescent boys fighting “acne” How to effectively remove acne in adolescent boys. Tips 1. Wash your face properly. Many people are afraid that washing their face will wash away the precious sebum film. In fact, the oil on your face is constantly secreted, so you don’t have to worry about washing it away. Continue Reading

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