5 beautiful push hands make beauty feel more effective Is your skin, hair, body and spirit ready before getting into the quilt and waking up to sleep? A perfect beauty sensation is actually “premeditated” about 1 hour before falling asleep! These “pushing hands” can help you enter deep sleep quickly and comfortably, and win an Continue Reading

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Slimming Together With Yoga! Psychologists have found that exercising with friends is easier and more enjoyable than exercising alone. For office workers, it is often more difficult for a person to keep fit. If friends or couples go to the gym together, then they can both be partners and have a common language, and they Continue Reading

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Sex yoga makes orgasm amazing World famous personal trainer Martin? Martin Feaver evaluates the relationship between yoga and sex-“If your limbs are flexible enough, you can make various poses, and you will be happy to try them; if you have enough strength (Yoga is based on its weightExercise for strength), you can maintain your favorite Continue Reading

_1 Five kinds of fruits moisturize the skin 1. Sydney. hzh {display: none; }  中医认为,梨有生津止渴、止咳化痰、清热降火、养血生肌、润肺去燥等功能,最适宜于冬季发热和内热的人食用。Modern medical research suggests that pears also have the effect of lowering blood pressure and clearing heat and calming. Patients with hypertension, such as dizziness, palpitations and tinnitus, often eat pears to relieve symptoms.   2. Sugarcane Sugarcane contains a large amount of Continue Reading

锘? More chewing and hard food can prevent dementia With the improvement of living standards and the exquisite cooking technology, people are paying more and more attention to 鈥渇ood is not tired鈥? Whether it’s a regular meal or a banquet, the reservations on the table are almost all foods that don’t have to be chewed. Continue Reading

锘? As the saying goes: every day, clap your feet, step on your feet, not aging. As the saying goes, “every day, slap on the feet, not aging for a lifetime” is indeed based on medicine. 銆€銆€銆€First of all, the hand meridian points are very rich. Studies have shown that slap the palm not only Continue Reading

锘? How do people with different skin types master these various methods? It is noticed that the whitening girls are even more annoyed by the fact that the top whitening white can also be painted with sunscreen. Trying to hide from the sun and paying attention to it can make a few white spots. It Continue Reading