Peanut fried chicken Efficacy: suitable for people working in low temperature environment, 15 grams of white sugar, 15 grams of cooking wine, 20 grams of starch (corn), 2 grams of salt, 2 grams of pepper, 75 grams of peanut oil. Features: golden color, crisp outside and tender.   Practice: 1. Wash the turkey breast first and Continue Reading

Babies love sticky mothers should do this Parents who are new parents are often very worried. At some stage, the child will be particularly sticky. Even the mother must follow the toilet. What is going on? How to solve it? Now, Zhu Dongsheng, chief physician of the Department of Child Health, Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Continue Reading

Stay away from bad breath and stay fresh forever Bad breath is actually a disease, and many doctors attribute it to oral disease. There are many reasons for bad breath, some are caused by other diseases of the body, and some are caused by oral hygiene. No matter what the reason, bad breath is very Continue Reading

Computer family often drops eye drops several times without hurting the eyes Many office workers are sitting in front of a computer continuously for work needs, and their eyes are prone to eye fatigue and discomfort. As a result, many people will prepare a bottle of eye moisturizer around them, and when they have symptoms Continue Reading

Can’t use “mouse arm” with both hands “Mouse hand” is nothing new, but have you heard of “mouse arm”? German experts have found that monotonous actions such as clicking the mouse, especially double-clicking the mouse, can lead to strain on the tendons and nervous system. Long-term improper use will cause people to suffer from “repetitive Continue Reading

Marriage mentality for no reason to divorce Giving up an abominable marriage can easily find enough reason for yourself, and thus gain courage. But giving up a sad and bearable marriage requires a little decisiveness. Of course, there must be some gambler’s adventurous spirit-who knows if this is to give himself a chance or to Continue Reading

锘? In the autumn, “supporting the body” After a summer of tossing, entering the fall is the time to repair the various functions of the body. So how to “kick up” this fall, put it on your agenda. Therefore, it is tonic, and it is exercise. I can’t wait to use all the traditional methods Continue Reading

锘? The healthiest weight loss beauty food in history 1. Lettuce – Add to the low-fat dieters the lost spherical celluloid lettuce, wrinkled butter lettuce, and oily wheat, which can be counted as lettuce. Compared with another common vegetable cabbage, the lettuce fiber content is more, and it has the effect of eliminating excess sputum. Continue Reading

锘? There is some way to prevent foreskin balanitis Why is there a foreskin balanitis? There is some way to prevent foreskin balanitis Foreskin balanitis is serious. Males can’t stand to catch and scratch the “private place”. The robes cause pain in male glans, which seriously affects their reproductive health and normal life! In doing Continue Reading