“After putting it back,what to do?”
Now,Jiang Xiaotao is already 100% trust Shen Xuan。
How to say Shen Xuan,Jiang Xiaote thinking how to do。
In fact, now,Shen Xuan wonders carefully。
In fact, the next,No matter what,For Shen Xuan,It’s http://www.tj-alt.cn a good thing to do.。
now,Shen Xuan knew these,The mouth is even more light and free.。
“Although it has now,Then let’s go back first.。”
“Look at them,Who will start!”
Shen Xuan’s attitude is obvious,Whoever dare to take the lead,So, let’s solve it directly.。
if not,In fact, this thing itself,There is no such thing as it is.。
so now,Just look more to you.。
Merchant,Shangren look at these,His whole person brows。
“what,how so?”
Shang Zhen Tian’s side,Others are also very urgent。
Such a thing,If they can think of why?,Then they will follow,Will n’t be so passive?。
But look at these,Shang Zhen Tian’s side,One of the people here,I’m talking to the business.。
“Elder,Currently here,More than we think。”
“Next,What should we do??”
this matter,With the people around you finish。
The business of the business is more like a murder.。
After all, I will follow it.,This matter has been directly taken。
If you don’t want to think about it, you will completely solve it.。
So the merchant hates now,Will be more and more passive。
So at this moment,Shangren thought in the heart,So this didn’t forget。
“Humph,Shen Xuan,He is too powerful.,We are too small to hear him.。”
“but,This is just a start.,Really think,My business,Will be afraid of him?”
If you http://www.anguofangchan.cn hate it, you have finished.,More people around you,I watched this side by brushing.。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,How to deal with it?。
In fact, in their eyes,For something such。
In fact, these people’s hearts,What’s more, the more it is, the more it is clear.。
Merchants’ guards,It is also very excited at this time.。
“Long said that,So let’s everyone,Another need to worry so much?”
“Since everyone feels so,So next,I think it is,We should actually have this necessary to go out.。”