NBA China Game Beijing Station Rockets VS Pelicans online video live broadcast address
The Houston Rockets won the NBA China Shanghai, and they and the New Orleans Pelicans will move to Beijing on the 12th to fight.Harden wants to continue to drive the team with full performance. Gordon and Anderson must remain aggressive in the face of the old owners. They have to lead the team to win the preseason 4 consecutive wins.The Pelicans lost in Shanghai, Davis was eye-catching, he wants to continue to play the role of leader, but he needs more support from his teammates, the Pelicans strive for revenge.Click to enter: NBA China Game Rockets VS Pelicans online video live address Rockets VS Pelicans Rockets and Pelicans met on the 9th in China Shanghai Station, Rockets in Harden, Gordon’s arrival to 123-117After a win, the Rockets won three consecutive preseason games.Harden maintained a good competitive state in the game. He scored 26 points, 15 assists and 7 rebounds. He played a core role.Every preseason game we play as a regular season, we hope to develop a good habit again, Harden talked about the team’s performance, we did not know the preseason.In the future, we will do better in communication between the offense and defense and the team.  The biggest change that D’Antoni brought to the Rockets was the offensive. Coupled with the team’s offseason signing, the Rockets reset their offensive tactics.Harden is the initiator of the offense. Most of the time he controls the ball, he organizes and mobilizes the team’s offense.When meeting the Pelicans again, what Harden has to do is to maintain a good shape, not only to continue to put pressure on the opponent in the offense, but also to use the pass to drive the teammates around him.  The Rockets also had two outstanding players in Shanghai. Gordon scored 5 three-pointers to score 24 points. Anderson contributed 21 points and 5 rebounds. The two of them faced the old owner with no weakness.Especially Gordon was 56 before the end.The three-pointer made in 3 seconds helps the Rockets win.When the two teams move to Beijing to fight again, the performances of Gordon and Anderson are still very important to the Rockets. If they can maintain the offensive state, the pressure on Harden’s body will be greatly reduced, and the overall offense of the Rockets will also be more.Threatening.  In the Rockets, the performances of Ariza, Capella, McDaniels, Nene and others are also worthy of attention. They are also important players in the rotation ladder, especially Ariza, and veterans like Nene.Play an important role.In Beijing, the Rockets players boarded the Great Wall and experienced the feeling of being a hero.However, they still need to spend more on the 12th game. Although it is only a preseason game, many of the marginal players on the team will use this game to enter the championship roster.  The Pelicans lost the ball in Shanghai, and they will definitely work hard to get revenge in Beijing.Davis scored 23 points and 5 rebounds in Shanghai, and he caused a lot of trouble for the Rockets on the offensive end.In the matchup with Davis, the Rockets do not have the right players to pay attention to the brother, he will still be the absolute strength of the Pelicans.Moore, Helder, Asik, Hill and others all performed well in Shanghai. The Pelicans were also very close to victory. If it was not for the Rockets to replace Harden, Gordon and other main forces in the last quarter of the fourth quarter,Perhaps the Pelicans took away the victory.  In addition to Davis, Asik wants to work hard inside to play a role, he wants to show great value in defense and rebounds.Moore, Helder must be a good helper for Davis in the offense, so that the Pelicans will play competitive.  In the past China game, there have been many times when two visiting teams won one game each time. I wonder if the Rockets are willing to bring the Pelicans back to a city this time?  The Rockets are expected to start from both sides: Harden, Gordon, Ariza, Anderson, Capella Pelicans: Moore, Fraser, Hill, Davis, Asik