Hard summer camp is not hot this year

The first vacation has arrived, and a variety of summer camps have come out: study abroad summer camps, English summer camps, parent-child summer camps, technology summer camps, psychological summer camps, and even remote summer camps on the Internet.

However, on a long list, hard-working summer camps and military training camps that were popular in previous years were found.

This can make Ms. Zhang in Shanghai worry, and want to send her spoiled daughter to “eat hardships”, but find a place.

  It is understood that the hardship summer camp mainly provides children with a “poor” or “coarse tea and light rice” living environment in a form of visiting remote mountainous areas or revolutionary holy places, allowing them to experience rural life or barracks life,Cultivate a spirit of hard work, exercise your will and ability to resist setbacks.

  This type of summer camp was popular throughout the country from 2001 to 2003. A small travel agency in Harbin launched a “summer hardship tour” in 2003. The number of participants reached more than 800. However, in 2004, it suddenly stopped by 200. This year, it was impossible to form a group.

In Shanghai, there have been very few “struggling hardships” projects launched in the summer camp market this year, and they are still very few. The number of applicants is so small that it is almost impossible to make a trip.

Coincidentally, Beijing, Yinchuan, Wuhan and other major cities have also heard the news that hard summer operations can no longer run.

Why has it been almost a year out of the market after years of hard summer camps?

  Mr. Mou, who had sent his children to rural areas in the suburbs of Beijing, told reporters that although the children had learned to wash clothes after having suffered “hardships”, they returned to their original condition within a few days after returning home.

This really makes parents doubt about this kind of summer camp.

How can the word “joy, pride” on a child be solved by just a few days of “hard life” or a long distance “pulling”.

This artificial frustration is far from the challenges in real life. Children know that it will be a few days before they pass, so it is impossible to really make a difference.

Moreover, since most of the “struggling hardships” meet in rural or remote mountain areas, the health conditions and safety issues there really make parents worry.

  Of course, being coldly treated by “Tour Hardships” does not mean that the hardship spirit and the ability to resist setbacks are not important.

Hu Qingying, director of the Shanghai High-level Expert Committee on Concern, told reporters that alternating hardship and ability to resist setbacks are necessary for children and are generally lacking in only children in big cities.

However, the cultivation of this ability is a systematic project involving society, the education sector, and the family. It is really difficult to play a role by participating in one or two hard summer camps.

  The correct approach should be to cultivate in every bit of daily life.

For example, some parents feel that a arduous big exam has finally passed, and they should hurry and let their children “make up and play.”

In fact, this is exactly the opposite of training hardship.

Abandoning this bad habit can instead allow children to eat and eat and to deal with the common sense of examination.

  In the summer vacation, it may not be necessary to have a hardship summer camp. Other types of summer camps can also learn the hardship spirit and provide frustration education.

Hu Qingying suggested that parents should choose the summer camp according to the actual needs of their children.

Whether it is developing hobbies, tutoring homework, or broadening your horizons, increasing your knowledge, as long as you grasp the little things, you can carry out hard-working education.